Unleashing the power: Drupal for Digital Asset Management

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to the processes and tasks an organization follows to effectively manage, recover, share and distribute their digital assets or files. Today, Digital Asset Management has proven to be a crucial resource for marketers. By utilizing a vast array of digital assets, marketers can easily communicate brand messages across a rapidly-changing digital landscape.

Why is Digital Asset Management important?

Every successful website needs to have interesting and engaging content including images, audio, documents, presentations and videos. Media and entertainment companies especially have to deal with managing significant volumes of rich media content. However, the question is, how will you systematically manage heaps of digital data? Today, there are several efficient Digital Asset Management (DAM) softwares available for the management of digital data, but they work as a separate entity that is not part of your website.

Drupal: Digital Asset Management solution for the media and entertainment industry

One of the major challenges that companies face with their digital assets are locating their digital assets, providing access to these assets for people working within their company and providing access to partners. But why would you need to have a separate system for managing your digital data when you can manage it with a CMS like Drupal. You can save yourself the time and effort if you build a website with Drupal, and manage your digital data with the same system – simple and easy, right?

Broadcasters and Entertainment studios can use Drupal as their Digital Asset Management solution and benefit greatly from it. Let's see how Drupal makes it happen:

Helps to capture information about a specific asset and facilitates reuse of digital assets: Drupal allows organizations to handle the copyrights and usage of their images, graphics and videos through an open-source Digital Asset Management system. This captures the entire information about an asset and its usage in one place. It also makes sure that the content is properly tracked and not misused in any manner. Even unintentional usage of the assets can be avoided using such a solution.

Enables centralized access to content: A centralized, scalable platform and powerful content management system like Drupal provides you with all the essential tools you require to keep all of those business-critical digital assets in hand. Overseeing your digital assets centrally in an accessible unified content repository is the answer to maximizing their worth, as well as making day-to-day functioning much more productive and cost-effective.

Drupal, for example, lets administrators upload a large image, which can then be used to make smaller images for use throughout the site. It can also classify and categorize content and relate different pieces of content to one another. By making sure that your digital assets can be retrieved, filtered and distributed, and by facilitating context-based discovery and suggestions, you will be able to work more resourcefully and serve both your internal production team and end-consumers effectively.

Improved workflow and accelerated time-to-market: In addition, Drupal gives an edge to your business by improving the workflow, faster time-to-market and identifying and leveraging new business models.

Over the past 9 years, Zyxware has successfully deployed Drupal as the Digital Asset Management solution for various leading companies. We are capable of designing a customised DAM solution to cater to the specific business requirements of our clients. If you would like to avail our Drupal website development services, please get in touch with us.