[SOLVED] How To Create Custom Plugin In Notifier?

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To implement push notification for a project, we first created a new custom plugin to push messages into a custom table. When the cron runs, the messages stored in the queue table will be processed and saved to the custom table. For this, create a new directory "push" in message_notify/plugins/notifier/ and use it just like email or sms. The directory may contain 2 files:

  1. push.inc
  2. MessageNotifierPush.class.php

In push.inc, create a plugin with class and view modes

 $plugin = array(
  'title' => t('Push'),
  'description' => t('Send Message as notification.'),
  'class' => 'MessageNotifierPush',

   // A notifier must define its own view modes.
   // Those view modes are later going to be rendered and sent.
  'view_modes' => array(
    'message_notify_push_body' => array('label' => t('Notify - Push body')),

The MessageNotifierPush.class.php extends MessageNotifierBase class and can be structured as:

class MessageNotifierPush extends MessageNotifierBase {
  public function deliver(array $output = array()) {
    $notification_text = strip_tags($output['message_notify_push_body']);
    $message = $this->message;
    // Get the message object and the notification text and pass it to the custom function
    return abc_push($message, $notification_text);

In our custom function, abc_push function will fetch the details of message in the queue table.

function abc_push($message, $notification_text) {
  $wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('message', $message);
  $field_value = $wrapper->{field_name}->raw();
 // Rest of the code here...

These field values are then saved to our database table. We can display these field values wherever needed.