How to run phpmyadmin without apache only using the php built-in web server?

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Before reading this, please familiarize yourself in setting up a php built-in web server. Phpmyadmin is usually installed along with apache web server. Depending on the version of apache you may have some complications along the way. Fear not, for php has introduced something known as a built-in webserver! With this, you can convert any local folder into a server and host a site locally there. This article will show you how to run phpmyadmin without using apache.

Before downloading phpmyadmin, you must make sure you have mysql-client and mysql-server installed. If not, from terminal, run the following.

sudo apt-get install mysql-client
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

You will be prompted for a root password, which you should enter, with which you will be logging in to phpmyadmin as well.
Once you have downloaded phpmyadmin, you have to extract it anywhere with access. Then navigate to root folder using terminal and run 'php -S localhost:8000'. This will make that folder into a local web server. Now access 'http://localhost:8000' from your browser and you will see phpmyadmin login page!Simple right?

You can also replace "localhost" with an IP address so that other computers connected via LAN or to the same wifi network can access this. Eg 'php -S'. Now every other computer connected to the same LAN can access this from