[SOLVED][Drupal Webform] Webform not sending e-mail

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A number of Drupal users were frequently encountering a situation where the Webform module they had installed in their Drupal site was not sending e-mails. If you are facing the same scenario with Webform in your Drupal site then read on to find out more.

Follow the steps below to clear up the issue.

  • First we have to make sure that this is a Webform issue.
  • Check if your Drupal site can send an email by
    • Using the Contact module
    • Request for a new password by signing out and clicking on the "Request a new password" link.
  • If you are able to get the email after following the above steps then follow the solution provided by a few Drupal users
    • Install the SMTP module
    • Go to admin/settings/mimemail
    • Select SMTP
  • Deleting the Email and recreating it solved the issue for some users
  • Some users successfully solved the issue by cloning the Webform
  • If the above methods do not solve the issue then try
    • Go to Webform->Emails
    • There edit the form component that represents the email to be sent
    • Copy the Email in the default area to Custom
    • Save it
    • If this works then it it likely to have been a server issue.

Hope that helps.

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