Install New Relic for PHP Web Application

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New Relic is a web application performance service designed to work with live webapp. Using this tool, a developer can analyze and increase a site's performance. New Relic works with web development languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java etc.

Your system should meet New Relic's PHP compatibility and requirements. Note that New Relic supports only the PHP 5.4.x or 5.5.x series.


  • New Relic Account:

    • If you don't have any account, create a new account using the link
    • From the account settings page, take the New Relic license key information. You need your license key for any installation.
  • Configure the Settings:

    After installing the PHP agent, configure the settings for both the agent and the proxy daemon.

    • Change the default application name to a meaningful name.
    • Restart your Apache

Hope this helps.