Zyxware Technologies: One of the Top 10 Global Contributors to Drupal

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Dries Buytaert the founder of Drupal acknowledged the contributory work of the key individuals and companies that make Drupal a strong and vibrant Open Source community. Dries named Zyxware technologies as the top tenth contributor globally to Drupal.

As an update to last year’s study, Dries acknowledged in his recent blog contributions of 2017: Contributions in terms of “who develops Drupal, how much work is sponsored, and where that sponsorship comes from”.


The top 30 contributing organizations based on the number of Drupal.org commit credits.


Drupal is secure and robust due to the large scale contributions from the Drupal Community be it code contributions, translations, documentation, design etc. Drupal.org acknowledges contributions from the community to Drupal by giving credits. Issue credits are awarded by maintainers of Drupal modules, themes, and distributions to those who help in it. Accumulating credits provide individual contributors and companies a way to showcase their expertise and visibility.

A key point that Dries mentioned in his blog is the increase in the number of people contributing and the number of organizations contributing. Drupal.org received code contributors from 7240 different individuals and 889 different organizations this year. This is a testament to Drupal’s growth and potential.

Another exciting new development is the increase in digital marketing agencies that deliver beautiful experiences using Drupal.

Dries has also mentioned that “A variety of traditional Drupal agencies have been involved with Drupal for 10 years and... These organizations are typically recognized as Drupal experts and are sought out by organizations that want to build a Drupal website.”

Zyxware Technologies, founded in 2006 is one of the oldest Drupal development companies from India and we have delivered over 170 projects successfully. We were in the top 30 contributors to Drupal in 2016 too!

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