Powering change: Building a Digital Marketing Platform with Drupal

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Over the years, marketing has dramatically evolved with the fast-changing preferences of consumers. Today, marketers are employing multi-channel digital marketing techniques to communicate with their target audience. This approach will increase the company’s digital presence; will help them gain more audience and loyal customers.

To serve this purpose, the company’s website needs to be flexible enough to be compatible with the various marketing channels. Drupal is the best choice for developing a flexible website that supports a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Here are the reasons why Drupal is an apt choice for building a digital marketing platform:

Flexibility and User-friendliness: Digital marketing involves managing and publishing large amounts of data on the website, blogs and across social media frequently. Drupal has a module called CCK (short for Content Construction Kit), which can be used to create fresh content with ease. Drupal also allows you to build Pages, Blog entries, posts, and Polls effortlessly. Drupal also allows content creators to work with Drupal websites without relying on IT staff.

Compatibility with different devices: Users access the Internet from various smart devices; for this reason, marketers need to move beyond the traditional desktop. The web applications that are deployed need to be compatible with various devices, which is exactly what Drupal does easily within the desired budget.

Digital Asset Management: Digital marketers can upload, reuse and manage digital assets such as images and video files across multiple websites from a centralized and scalable platform like Drupal. This saves time, money, and boosts productivity.

Managing a Multilingual site: The first priority for many digital marketers is localization i.e. to create a website in the local language also. However, the management of multiple sites can be a mess if not done properly. If you use Drupal CMS, you can manage multiple websites from a centralized dashboard.

Security: The major concern of digital marketers is securing their data. Drupal’s coding and security standards are unbeatable, which makes Drupal the most secured CMS.

Social media integration: Digital marketers heavily depend on blogs, forums, wikis and ratings to promote maximum interaction with customers and to drive traffic to their websites. Drupal offers a complete range of tools and modules to easily integrate social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many more, into your website.

Drupal modules allows users to login to your site using their active profiles on various social networks and lets them like, share, comment, like, and subscribe to your website’s content through the social media.

Drupal’s community is relentlessly every minute to add new modules to cater to the various digital marketing requirements. Over the past 9 years, Zyxware has built world-class, highly flexible Drupal websites for our clients across different verticals. We help businesses to develop a digital marketing platform using Drupal. To know more about our Digital marketing services, do call us today.