[Drupal] Power Packed features of Drupal 8

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Drupal 8 is new version of Drupal. It is very different from All old Drupal versions. There are lots of new feature in Drupal 8. As you know Drupal8 is based on symphony framework. Are you excited to know what's new in Drupal 8? I have listed out some features below:

  • Mobile friendly

    We know now a days there is growing popularity of mobile devices. So Drupal8 is mobile initiative. In Drupal 8, all built-in themes are responsive, and even administration pages are a snap to use on mobile devices.i.e the default Stark, Bartik, and Seven themes are changed to responsive i.e meaning that their presentation changes based on the browser width.

  • Multilingual Capabilities

    Drupal 8 has global audience. i.e.

    • The system transfermations in drupal 8with built-in user interfaces.
    • Build pages with block visibility and Views language filtering.
    • In Drupal communityget software translation updates automatically.
  • Secure and Fast Theming

    In Drupal there PHP templates are replaced with Twig framework Theming engine. It is very flexible, fast, and secure template engine.

  • Views in Core

    Views are very important and most used module in Drupal. So another great feature is view is in Drupal core module.

  • Use HTML5 for better markup.

    HTML5 represents a giant step forward in how content is structured and presented on the web. It offer a better user experience on both desktop and mobile devices in Drupal8.

  • Configuration Management

    Drupal 8 comes with a file system-based configuration management system. In Drupal 8 there is a file system-based configuration management system, It is very simple to exchange configuration changes like fields, views from development to production, new content types,. It even lets you use version control for your configuration. Keep your config data in files, separate from production data in the database.It is Error free deployments.

  • More Field Power

    Drupal 8 have contain more fields core. New types include entity reference, telephone, link, date, e-mail, etc. Comments are now a field and, such as, you can now take comments on products.

  • Industrial Standard

    Drupal 8 is an Object Oriented Concept and followed the latest php5 version standards. It also followed external libraries: Composer, PHPUnit, Guzzle, Zend Feed Component, Assetic and more.

  • Simple Authoring

    Drupal 8 have new editor functionality and WYSIWYG editor. i.e

    • Draft saving made easier.
    • Configuration of WYSIWYG made easy with web security.
    • Change editing of content without having to use the full edit form.
  • Accessibility

    Accessibility of Drupal 8 is very different. Drupal 8 has added extensive support for standard accessibility technologies including WAI-ARIA and have worked to give more semantic HTML5.