How To Boost Your Site Through Inbound Marketing

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Having a powerful CMS like Drupal is just the foundation for organizations to boost their digital presence. Today, business and public sectors are looking for more than just a website, they want a complete platform that enables digital marketing too. Inbound marketing is making sweeping changes in the way content of a website is viewed. An increasing percentage of site visitors are converted to contacts, leads and ultimately to business generated.

Incorporating content strategy, SEO, social media, conversion optimization, content management, email marketing and advanced analytics are all part of a great marketing strategy. These include:

  • Optimization of relevant content for search engine
  • Leveraging the social media channels for maximum exposure
  • Converting these visitors contacts and leads to customers or clients
  • Constant engagement through email marketing campaigns
  • Using analytics to measure ROI and improve results

Companies can improve inbound marketing performance with these techniques designed to show results.

Posting Content On Regular Basis

Fresh and interesting content like articles or blogs created on a regular basis are key to bringing traffic to the site. Through frequently generated quality content, expertise in the given field can be showcased along with solutions and offerings. The content created has to be appealing with headings that are searchable using heading tags of HTML, bulleted list of information for a better read.



Sharing Content On Social Media

Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are used to share content that makes it visible and easily accessible to millions. The content gains significance from those who like and share it.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails are a sure-fire way to remind your leads or site visitors about your business and to increase your brand value. There are a lot of tools that help in this email marketing campaigns like MailChimp, Get drip, etc. Constantly analyze your marketing strategy and revamp where needed through remarketing campaigns.

Online Free Offers

The penultimate offer that no one can resist. Give your visitors some interesting deals in all stages of the funnel, by offering value propositions that make them click. These free offers bring in a lot of traffic and with it a good wave of prospective business.

Creating Visual Content

Last but equally important is creating visually appealing content. This includes infographics, videos, stories with compelling images.

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