OpenOffice Spreadsheet Template for Filing KVAT Returns ported by Zyxware

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Kerala Taxes recently moved completely to online filing of taxes. To help business owners to efile their taxes, the sales tax department had prepared and released a Microsoft Excel template file(.xls) to be used by the dealers to generate files for filing taxes online. We, at Zyxware, realized that this would effectively force Free Software Users into using Microsoft Office for filing their taxes and took effort into converting this template into Spreadsheet Format(.ods)

You can download the file from the link given below. If you come across bugs or problems with this template please report them as comments to this post and we will try to fix the problems. Also the template has been developed with OpenOffice version 2.4. If you are using an older version please upgrade your OpenOffice and try with a newer one before you report problems.

By converting this template we are demonstrating to the world that Free Software is all about sharing knowledge and helping each other. With this we are once again asserting that the Free Software community, that includes all of us at Zyxware, is willing to work with anybody to further the cause of Free Software and Freedom in general. At Zyxware we have always been true to this conviction and have been doing our part to promote and spread Free Software. We hope that you too will do your part in spreading the goodness of Free Software.

By Kerala IT Policy 2007, Clause 8.4, knowledge generated through public funding should be freely available to the public. So we would believe that the original excel file was already under a Free Software License. We hereby give all derived work under GPLv3.

Changelog and Download
Version 1.01b(latest)
* Latest changes from
* Support for OpenOffice 3.2
* Bug fix for issue reported by stranger-in-black
* Code now available via KVAT-OpenOffice-Macros project on github
Version 0.9.1
* Modifications suggested by Sreenadh
* Support for OpenOffice3
* Added licensing information to document properties as suggested by A. Mani
Version 0.9
* Original file uploaded