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OpenOffice Calc is surprisingly an excellent tool for creating wireframes. Wireframes can be created very easily in OpenOffice Calc using the standard shapes available from the drawing toolbar and also by merging cells in the sheet. Each sheet can be used to define a single wireframe and then a single spreadsheet document can contain all the wireframes for a given project. OpenOffice Calc also allows you to export the full set of wireframes as a pdf document with one page corresponding to each sheet in the document. Here are some tips to create good wireframes using OpenOffice Calc.
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OpenOffice is possibly one among the finest examples on what can be achieved in the world of Free Software. For starters, OpenOffice is an office application suite in the lines of Microsoft Office and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The latest stable release is OpenOffice 3.1. You may want to know how to install OpenOffice 3.1 in Ubuntu. Now let us take a look at the list of extensions you could use in OpenOffice.
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Kerala Taxes recently moved completely to online filing of taxes. To help business owners to efile their taxes, the sales tax department had prepared and released a Microsoft Excel template file(.xls) to be used by the dealers to generate files for filing taxes online. We, at Zyxware, realized that this would effectively force Free Software Users into using Microsoft Office for filing their taxes and took effort into converting this template into Spreadsheet Format(.ods)