Education Marketing Strategy using Drupal Website

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Drupal, an Open Source content management system has been gaining popularity over the last decade and is currently in use by reputed names such as The White House, UN, NBC, Ikea, Oxford University, Nike. Interestingly MIT, Stanford, and all Ivy League colleges use Drupal. Close to three-quarters of the top US universities use Drupal. So do many of the best university websites the world over.

Drupal is a successful platform for educational websites because of its ability to address the key issues faced in managing and maintaining complex educational sites. Managing the university’s entire web presence, implementing a content strategy, and maintaining compliance with the council’s standards is possible with Drupal.

Drupal websites use responsive themes and RESTful APIs to be mobile-friendly. Google has increased the ranking of responsive and mobile-friendly websites in their search pages.

Key Features of Drupal Educational Sites are:

Events Section: A list of events and mini calendar filterable by event type.

Information Portals: Provides a menu with links for the portal audience including alumni, news, events, publications and user groups related to the portal.

Directory: A filterable, sorted list of all departments and staff associated with the institution.

News Hub: For displaying the latest tweets, news, press releases, and publications that would be of interest to the faculty and students of the institution.

Library Section: A collection of pages, new events and other information related to the institution.

The website will serve not just as the information center for the college or university but also as its online knowledge base. Other essential features for educational websites include galleries, tours, video tutorials, payment gateway, and social media integration.

Benefits of Drupal for educational Websites

Drupal is Open Source and Free: Drupal being Free and Open Source, the site owner is not tied to proprietary systems and licensing fees.

Secure, scalable and flexible: The large Drupal community ensures that Drupal is secure. The creation of new modules and features is quick because of the large number of people working on it.

Roles and Permission: With the advanced system of roles and permissions, authoring and managing content workflow can be easily distributed to the respective stakeholders.

Platform of Choice: Drupal being the platform of choice for premier educational websites is in itself a distinctive call to action; To use Drupal for your website.

Drupal is a highly robust CMS, that is used to create attractive and user-friendly educational sites loaded with features. The site will serve as the digital facade of the educational institution to millions around the world.

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