All Ivy League Colleges use Drupal for their Websites

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Drupal has established itself as a solid platform for Educational websites. The fact that all Ivy League colleges have Drupal websites is proof enough of Drupal’s popularity as a great Content Management Framework to build educational websites. A recent study conducted by TheDropTimes find that 80% of Top 100 Universities use Drupal. Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University and Yale University are the eight old and distinguished colleges in the north east of US are the highly sought after Ivy League colleges.

Harvard University

Drupal aptly addresses the challenges faced in managing, maintaining and implementing the content management framework of the university’s entire web presence, keeping it compliant with global wide standards while still being user friendly. Harvard university use Drupal in more than 50 websites.



Brown University

Drupal is better able to showcase and integrate the various needs of individual schools and departments. Drupal provides a highly accessible platform for developers who are building websites, as well as the faculty and students who use the website. Brown University uses Drupal for more than 70 websites.

Columbia University

Drupal being an open source technology, it allows for faster innovation, allows the talented Drupal developers to work on any problems associated with it and helps accelerate Drupal development as a whole. Columbia University uses Drupal for 50+ websites.

University of Pennsylvania

The reasons for the choice of Drupal for higher educational websites are literally limitless: flexibility, an active and large community of code contributors, cost effectiveness, robust, responsive and always evolving. University of Pennsylvania uses Drupal for more than 60 websites.



Yale University

Drupal is used effectively to design and develop educational sites that are customized to each institution's unique needs. Yale University uses Drupal for more than 30 websites.

Dartmouth College

Another Ivy League college powered by Drupal. One important feature of Drupal is its scalability. The site has showcased the effectiveness with which the various departments can be collaborated. Dartmouth College use Drupal for its home page.

Princeton University

Though Princeton does not have its homepage in Drupal, its graduate website is a study in the effectiveness of Drupal. The admissions page, also done in Drupal supports the main site to help prospective students in their admission process. Princeton University also uses Drupal for more than 35 websites

Cornell University

The potential of Drupal has been utilized by Cornell in its alumni website and associated web pages, increasing the connectivity with the alma maters and their association with the university. Cornell University uses Drupal for more than 140 websites.


Drupal’s capability to adapt and evolve with emerging trends in the digital world, helps to build educational websites at lower cost and better user friendliness/ engagement. The fact that Drupal is also a free and open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License adds to its attractiveness as a suitable framework to build educational websites.

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