Drupal: Combining technology with creativity

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Painting a picture or composing music is something we associate with creativity instead of website development. Even the job titles such as 'UX analyst', 'software developer' and 'Drupal developer' does not give readers an inkling of an idea that it is creative work. However, building websites and applications is a lot like a work of art; the final product should be a harmonious collection of information that not only appeals to but also captivates the viewers. It should appeal to the viewer’s aesthetic sense so that they will enjoy browsing through the website. It is also an art of getting into the mind of the user to place content in such a way that even a first time user can easily find what they want rather than being cumbersome to use the application.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a content management platform for building websites and web applications. There are millions of websites powered by Drupal and over 12% of the busiest websites run on Drupal; hence it goes without saying that Drupal is a popular choice of CMS. Some of the high-profile sites that run on Drupal include Whitehouse.org, MTV.co.uk, London.gov.uk and New York Stock Exchange.

Some of the ways Drupal supports creativity are through:



Free and Open Source

Drupal is a free, open-source web development platform for online content. That means it is completely free to download, use and modify. There is no purchase, license or maintenance fee and this allows you to focus more on creativity and building sites.

Drupal Community

A unique and popular aspect of Drupal is its large online community that is constantly building and sharing themes, modules and other resources. The Drupal community is a great forum that provides excellent support and assistance.

Themes and Modules

The look and feel of a Drupal site is represented by its “theme”. The visual design and framework of a Drupal site is separate from the content, allowing the website to be responsively designed for different devices and applications, even mobile devices. You can create your own themes thereby showcasing your creativity. With the availability of over 30,000 modules in Drupal, newbies and others in Drupal can effectively customize these modules according to their requirements.

Scalable and flexible

Drupal is highly scalable, from building personal blogs to enterprise-level applications. Drupal also offers infinite possibilities - thanks to the flexibility of themes, content types and views.

Though Drupal has a learning curve, it can be mastered with skill and perseverance. The beauty of Drupal is that you can effortlessly flex your creative muscles and show off Drupal’s versatile capabilities.

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