Drupal 8: An Agile and Strategic Digital Marketing Platform

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Digital trends are evolving and transforming quite rapidly. Digital marketers can monitor what is being viewed, for how long and how often. Being able to analyze what content works, what doesn’t and see the sale conversions should help in making a strategic marketing plan that is agile. Drupal known for its flexibility and scalability, is a great tool for building an amazing digital marketing platform.

According to Gartner, one-third of the marketers say digital techniques are fully incorporated into their marketing operation, but only 10% of marketers say they are expecting marketing roles to create new digitally-led business markets. That’s because, not too surprisingly, most businesses do digital marketing in an ad hoc manner.

The boom in mobile sales and increased connectivity has made the digital market invade even the most remote areas and the high-speed connectivity will make digital marketing even more ubiquitous.

Benefits of Drupal as a Digital Marketing Platform:

Single go to Site: Drupal 8 sites can be accessible by any web enabled device, commonly known as mobile friendly websites. The Breakpoint and Responsive Image modules in Drupal 8 make Drupal 8 websites mobile friendly (sites resize to the screen size of the display device).

Multi-language Support: Drupal 8 has a great multi-language functionality that makes Drupal a great digital marketing platform. Drupal 8 offers field-based content translation solutions. Translation of site names, user-roles, menus, and contact categories can be done with a very simple user interface.

Simple Configuration Management: Drupal 8 provides an easy user interface for importing and exporting configurations. It allows for easy transition from development, to staging and production environment.

Easier Content Authoring: Using WYSIWYG editor and on-page editor, contents can be easily updated. It also makes it easy to add, remove, revise and create content.

Integration Capabilities: Drupal can integrate seamlessly with a variety of applications and services, enlarging the scope of the web application. Social media tools like blogs, news feed, forums can be built using Drupal. Drupal has a Google Analytics module that can be utilized to make it agile. Getting the quick feedback from the report allows to realign and focus on our marketing goals.

Scalability: Drupal websites can be scaled to any size you want which makes it ideal for a powerful digital marketing platform.

Drupal’s capability to adapt to emerging trends, allow for applications and sites built on it to achieve high performance at lower costs and increase user engagement. Last but importantly, Drupal is a free and open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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