Keep your Website Secure with Drupal!

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Security Audits play a crucial role in an organization’s ongoing effort to address security concerns. After identifying any potential security issues, remedial steps need to adopt; in fact, a Security audit is one of the first steps that need to be taken. No organization in its right mind would want to leave its websites vulnerable to hacking, and conducting a security audit is the best way to tackle security issues.

A Security Audit should be Conducted at Regular Intervals if

  • Your website is slowing down and you want to diagnose the reason and repair it quickly
  • You want to assess the security level of your Drupal website
  • You are keen to reduce maintenance expenses by enhancing Drupal code quality
  • You want to give your visitors a better overall experience on your website

A Security Audit is also a fool-proof method of evaluating the work carried out by a third party and check for any underlying defects. Also, a security audit conducted before initializing any development work is useful in identifying any unresolved issues.

The following steps are a few of the key checks done during a Security Audit:

Code and Security: Here, the website is checked for any vulnerabilities, and proper analysis is done to make sure that the appropriate security updates are installed. The proper working of the software and updates is thoroughly checked.

Content Structure: Any critical issues related to your site’s content structure, within your site’s nomenclature, is deeply examined and the corrective action is taken.

Complete Functionality check: The website is checked for any broken links, obsolete and non-operational modules, along with any missing functions. This ensures that the website is functional in all aspects.

Speed and Performance check: The security audit firm will also check for the site’s receptiveness and speed issues, if any, and document the probable causes of the same.

Check for Best Practices: A comprehensive review of the website’s nomenclature, code, configuration and modules is also carried out to confirm that standard and best practices are being employed.

On-page SEO: This is also an important assessment that is done by most security audit companies. An in-depth review confirms if your website needs any changes or enhancement to the on-page SEO and a detailed report is submitted.

Zyxware's Drupal Security Audit

Zyxware's Drupal Security Audit consists of the below mentioned steps:

Consultation: In this phase, our audit team meets with the client to understand their requirements and gather any other information that may be critical to the audit process.

Comprehensive Audit: Our technical experts examine every area of the website including the architecture, page timings etc.

Documentation: After the review, every team documents its findings that will become part of an exhaustive report which is submitted to the client.

Review and Recommendations: The Audit team then schedules a review meeting with the client and also creates a plan with suggestions and recommendations.

Over the past decade, Zyxware has provided end-to-end Drupal services; from Drupal design and development to consultancy and support, which also involves Drupal Security Audit and Reporting services. We have a long list of satisfied clients who will vouch for our proven and successful methods. We carefully analyze your site, identify security concerns, provide recommendations and work closely with you to implement them. So, give us a call today to find out how you too can benefit by partnering with us.