Towards building a standardized curriculum for Drupal Developers
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As one of the largest exclusive Drupal agencies in India and having trained close to 200 employees over its 10 year history we are probably one of the very few Drupal firms in India in a position to take this effort that could in turn help a lot of other Drupal companies. We are looking to compile and publish our Drupal Training Curriculum in an effort to come up with a standard approach towards training developers in Drupal companies. We are looking to complete this exercise by March 31, 2016 and will be publishing the learning objectives, syllabus and curriculum under GFDL license.

We have been working with Drupal since 2006 and have worked with Drupal versions all the way from Drupal 4.7. Through the process of training all our employees over these years we have built a reasonably mature training program. We have a dedicated training team in place to do training throughout the year. We have grown into one of the largest Drupal companies based out of India and we are looking to become the largest Drupal company in India by the end of the coming financial year (2016-17). We are hoping to hire and train around 200 developers by Mar 2017 and towards this we are looking to fine tune our Drupal training program to be able to speed up our training process and make it less people dependent. We believe that it would benefit the Drupal community at large and also other Drupal companies, if we release all our Drupal training materials under the GFDL license.

Our standard training program for developers with PHP background involves a one month in-class training for Drupal along with introduction to our development processes and practices. The in-class training also includes hands-on Drupal programming exercises which the developers are expected to complete along with the classroom sessions. Along with the lectures we also have the developers watch training videos provided by There are also tests that the developers have to take before they come out of the training. After the one month in-class training, new developers are assigned to experienced Drupal developers who act as mentors to these new recruits as they continue to learn their way around Drupal while working on real world projects. By working with different types of Drupal projects, a new developer is expected to build good exposure to the different areas of Drupal and the different contributed modules in a year's time.

We are looking to document all the processes and compile all the training content which have been managed by our senior team members over these years into formal documented content ready to be used by more trainers and new recruits. We aim to come up with the following by Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Drupal Training Syllabus
  2. Learning objectives for the training program
  3. Expectations on the areas the developer has to learn across the year
  4. Training materials for in-class training
  5. Drupal exercises for the in-class training
  6. Questions for the weekly tests for the first month
  7. Questions for the monthly tests for the first three months
  8. Questions for the quarterly tests for the first year

Interesting in collaborating with us on this project?

We are also looking to set up a question bank with objective type questions to evaluate and monitor the progress of the developers and also the effectiveness of both the in-class as well as on-the-job training that the developer gets in the company. We will be publishing and sharing the materials that we develop, on the wiki under the open curriculum project and we are hoping to collect inputs from the Drupal community in the process. We are also hoping that the Drupal community will join us in this exercise both in the process of initial documentation as well as in ongoing fine tuning. We will be publishing regular updates on our site under the Teaching Drupal tag and also sharing content in the group on Drupal Curriculum and Training.

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on 01st January 2008 / by webmaster
We have added a few new modules to our site recently. Open Source Web Development Drupal Blogging Free Software Drupalgive Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Sean (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 Hi there, I uploaded the files, enabled the modules to use SU, and now I see the link, but there is no icon... How can I fix this? Thanks, Sean webmaster access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 In reply to Icon doesn't show by Sean (not verified) What do you see when you view the source? Search for stumblethis_button and you should be able to see the code for the image and the URL. Then you should be able to troubleshoot from there. Juicy Couture Addict (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 thanks for the post. would love to hear more of you. by the way, drupal's really popular nowadays as it has easy and fast features. you agree with me? thanks. Add new comment

on 16th January 2008 / by webmaster
Most webmasters do not realize this, but a lot of the content on lot of websites can be accessed from multiple URLs. A simple example would be where and leads to the same page. This is a fatal mistake in Search Engine Optimization and search engines penalize you for duplicate content. The correct configuration would be where the above two urls will lead you to the same page but will redirect you to with a 301 (Moved permanently) status which will not result in search engines penalizing the page. It is very easy to configure 301 redirects using Apache .htaccess file and the process is the same for a Drupal installation also. Web Development Drupal SEO Drupal Planet Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Anonymous (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 Hello. I'm trying to make show as, and I'm running into difficulties. I'm on Apache 2.0 and using the following lines in my httpd.conf file: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^xxxxxxxxxx\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] When I go to, I get (as expected). However, when I go to (it's a Drupal site), I get a 404 thrown and the URL changes to Same thing with Any suggestions? I want to run without Drupal's .htaccess file (instead incorporating these calls into my httpd.conf file). webmaster access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 In reply to Rewrite including filesystem path by Anonymous (not verified) I think the problem is with the base path which results in the redirection to /var/www/ part. The best approach I would think is to start with drupal htaccess and then strip out parts and move to httpd SNVC (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 This is definitely a good guide. Thanks for this. wellyson access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 This is really nice and helpful. Add new comment

on 07th January 2008 / by webmaster
We have volunteered to take up the maintenance of a very useful Drupal module - Search404. As of today we are the official maintainers of this very useful Drupal module. We know that this is going to be a challenge for us, being a young company and with a young team. But we do feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the Drupal community at least some part of what it has given us. Open Source Web Development Drupal Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * ian douglas (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 I notice your updates on the Drupal modules page has some patch files, but they are patches for an older version of the 5.x branch of search404. Do you have any expectation on when a version for Drupal 6 will be ready? webmaster access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 In reply to when will search404 for drupal 6 be ready? by ian douglas (not verified) Hi Ian, We are currently working on moving Search404 to Drupal 6. The port has already been done and we should have a release up on by tomorrow or worst case by monday. Cheers Anoop John Team Zyxware Dejan (not verified) access_time 14 Oct 2019 - 22:48 In reply to when will search404 for drupal 6 be ready? by ian douglas (not verified) I think that's been up for a while... did you check the download page? Add new comment
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