Teaching Drupal

Standardized curriculum for Drupal Developers - Phase 1 - completed publishing content

We are happy to inform that, we have completed the the first phase of the project on creating a standardized Drupal curriculum for Drupal companies as planned. We have compiled and published our Drupal training curriculum on the groups.drupal.org wiki under the Curriculum and Training group. We are now looking to get feedback from other Drupal companies and Drupal developers on the curriculum and the training materials. We also would like to invite developers from the community to contribute towards making this curriculum better.

Drupal Training – A complete package

March 09, 2016 - 18:32

As a dedicated Drupal company, Zyxware Technologies is all set to bring out a well-packed training syllabus for Drupal. There is a widely-held misconception in the web development world that Drupal is not easy to learn. However, We, in Zyxware, firmly believe that Drupal is for everyone who loves web development. Infact, there is no need of coding knowledge to develop a website in Drupal. So, one of our key objectives is to let the world know that learning Drupal is pretty easy; it is not rocket science as many believe it to be.

An Introduction to Moodle

February 25, 2016 - 15:33

Moodle is one of the leading Learning Management Systems available in the world. It is used to deliver course content and host online learning activities. It helps the students and teachers by providing a collaborative learning environment. Moodle enables teachers and students to communicate and participate in a range of teaching and learning activities via ‘courses’. Teachers may also use Moodle to provide students access to course-related resources.

Towards building a standardized curriculum for Drupal Developers

As one of the largest exclusive Drupal agencies in India and having trained close to 200 employees over its 10 year history we are probably one of the very few Drupal firms in India in a position to take this effort that could in turn help a lot of other Drupal companies. We are looking to compile and publish our Drupal Training Curriculum in an effort to come up with a standard approach towards training developers in Drupal companies. We are looking to complete this exercise by March 31, 2016 and will be publishing the learning objectives, syllabus and curriculum under GFDL license.