Highway to future: Trends in Ecommerce in Australia

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Australia, like the rest of the world, is poised to take the next step in ecommerce, especially when one considers the voluminous amount being spent online. A large majority of the Australian population is privileged to have access to high-speed Internet. Internet has become the most convenient way to receive information and news or go shopping, and Australian businesses are increasingly using it to engage its potential and existing customers.

Be it buying electronic gadgets or planning the annual holidays, Australians have taken to ecommerce like a duck takes to water. Let us look at the trends that are set to rock the briskly growing ecommerce industry and are most likely to dominate its future in Australia:

Personalized experiences and products: Every online business is keen to attract the attention of more and more potential clients and take the route of innovation and personalization to do it. This customization is the key to shaping the future of e-commerce in Australia. Since customer data is easily available, it is easier to understand the customer psyche and their buying patterns which in turn help to customize the content and communication being sent to the customer.

The leading retailer of athletic footwear, apparels and accessories like Nike or Australian retailers like Shoes of Prey allow their customers to select the colour, size, heel, leather material or shape as per their choice and empower them to design them.

Mobile ecommerce: The onslaught of mobile devices has created a significant impact on ecommerce. Mobile commerce or m-commerce is the new mantra of retail shopping and an average increase of 35% is expected every year. It is predicted that both, value and volume will grow, taking m-commerce sales to $721 billion and the number of users will increase to 450 million by the year 2017.

Mobile purchases and payments have taken off in a big way and are expected to rule the roost in the years ahead.

Increase in spending: The spending on online products by Aussies have increased by a fair percentage; the current spending being almost double the amount being spent two years ago. The Australian retail industry is expected to deliver 100% growth by doubling its sales by the beginning of the New Year. Such exciting numbers are highly promising for the Australian ecommerce industry and augur well for the customers and businesses too.

Australia is proving to be an extremely mature ecommerce market and has great potential for online companies who are keen to announce their arrival in a big way. An online presence has become mandatory for every business and this is probably the best time to get on to this super fast highway of ecommerce. Australian business houses are sure to realise that the ecommerce industry is certainly in no mood to change to lower gears and will continue to ride at top speeds for a long time to come.

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