Custom Landing page builder: New Drupal module released

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Zyxware Technologies is happy to announce that we have contributed Custom Landing page builder, yet another module, to the Drupal community.The Custom Landing Page Builder module enables webmasters to build custom landing pages using WYSIWYG editor while still having complete control over the full layout of the page including the header, navigation, page content, footer, forms and so on.

The site owner can create a custom landing page using the WYSIWYG editor installed in either the site or any external WYSIWYG editor or online HTML editors and copy and paste the entire HTML including any custom CSS and JS into the specific page. The CSS and Javascript for the page will be loaded in the specific landing page. Options are available to include the default CSS and JS provided by Drupal.

The module also enables the insertion of Webforms to collect leads from the landing page through token replacement. Moreover, it allows the insertion of views and blocks through token replacement. Any number of prebuilt templates can be designed to be used for the landing pages, at the same time customizing only the specific variable components in the design.


  • WYSIWYG landing page creation
  • Full control over HTML
  • Full control over CSS/JS
  • Ability to insert custom CSS/JS for each page
  • Ability to design prebuilt templates as standard landing page templates
  • Enables the insertion of Webforms in landing pages to collect leads
  • Enables the insertion of views and blocks using token replacement

You can read more about the module and get yourself a copy of the module from Custom Landing Page Builder module on



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