How to use emotions to tell a brand story?

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In 2003, Hutchison, a multinational telecommunications company, reflected on various strategies to make its mark in the crowded telecom market. It had to communicate to its customer about its brand proposition and make a promise. And this is what they did…

The very first artwork that made it to the billboards was that of a puppy peeping accompanied by a short and precise tagline. Then in one of the consecutive ads, the story was further developed into ‘You and I’. The ad featured a pug running after a boy. with the background score ‘You and I in this beautiful world.' and concluded with the tagline – ‘Wherever you go, our network follows.’

The campaign made an instant connection with the customer at a time when mobile networks had just started becoming available across the country. All the brands were already in the fray to provide network in the remotest of the places. But before anyone else could capture the scene, Hutch had already conveyed the message to its target customers through its brand campaign. The dog followed the boy to odd places such as a barber shop, bathing tub and even school. The analogy used was that of a dog being the best and most loyal friend of human beings.

Emote to connect with your target customer

A brand stands on emotions. It is the users’ psyche that the brand needs to understand. It is the concerns, fear, and necessity of the customer that the brand needs to address. Only if a brand is able to connect with its target customers emotionally will it be able to take its branding activities forward.

Every brand building strategy has to connect emotionally with the client. Another brand campaign that spoke the heart of its target customer is the TVC of Bajaj Avenger DSI. It shows a young boy cruising on his bike. He has an upheaval of conflicting emotions - disapproval from father, girlfriend getting married to someone else etc. He jumps his bike over many potholes on the road and crosses many other passengers on the way.The carefree attitude of the biker boy who can take everything on his stride, all the ups and downs, the mileage et al creates an immediate brand connect with the target group who share the same vibes. The tag line, ‘Feel like God’ is the cherry on the pie.

The brand name, logo and tagline are the three major elements whose essence has to be borne throughout the brand development activity. Emotions are at the very core of brand marketing campaigns. When it comes to convincing storytelling techniques, emotions can persuade a person to think about a brand. Through interesting narrative, the brands can communicate about the brand’s unique selling propositions with greater focus and clarity. This may lead to more conversions and sales. If not, it at least initiates a process to engage the customer who will come back again and again.

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