How Content marketing helps to improve brand relevancy?

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By definition, Content Marketing can be defined as creating appropriate and valuable content that is developed with the prime intention of eliciting an affirmative consumer reaction and is aimed at a focused target audience. Content can be developed in a variety of forms that includes blogs, social media, photos, apps, newsletters, videos, webcasts etc. Content Marketing has managed to garner the trust and confidence of its supporters by providing appropriate information to consumers in an extremely subtle and non-interfering way.

Though the general consensus has been in support of this latest marketing method, there are a few sceptics out there who are yet to change their mind in its favour. With Content Marketing becoming the catchword and growing exponentially, it has invited its share of accolades and criticism along with endorsements for its effectiveness as a marketing technique. Yet, it has managed to become that one vital marketing tool that all businesses employ in their quest to engage a specific audience and straddles easily across large and small business alike.

A few observations will help you to understand the span achieved by organizations who use Content Marketing to improve their brand relevance:

  • Nearly 80% of small businesses use Content Marketing especially Social Media to draw new customers.
  • By 2019, it is predicted that companies will spend up to 50% of their marketing budget on digital investment
  • The conversion rate of organizations who implement content marketing is about 6 times higher than those who do not.

Why Content Marketing?

  • Content marketing is a fabulous and effective way of engaging with past, existing and future customers in a completely non-intrusive manner and is the best way to find more about consumer behaviour and opinions. Content marketing allows you to gain knowledge about the consumers’ needs, the major buying motivators and also their demography data which otherwise, is a difficult task. Armed with such valuable statistics, your organization can develop content that is totally in-sync with the consumer and one that is more likely to hit the bull's eye which is so important in this world of cut-throat competition.
  • A brand that has its customer’s trust and confidence is one that the consumer will most likely gravitate to and this can be managed by building content that your consumer will find useful and relevant. Effective Content Marketing plays a key role in this area and prods your customer to visit your website or social media sites, especially when they are confident of getting content that is informative and real, thus creating brand authority of your own.
  • If your business website and related social media has good content quality that helps to initiate a dialogue or a conversation with your prospective customer, it becomes easier to have a better search ranking with search engines like Google. Improved SEO allows brands to be located easily while being searched online and Content Marketing is an effective way to achieve this objective.

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