Introduction to iContact API

| | 1 min read

iContact provides email marketing for small to middle sized businesses and also the non-profits. iContact supports easy creation of email newsletters, surveys, auto responders, a wide range of features for professional marketers so that they can collect and analyze data, send emails using a single service.

The iContact email marketing service lets you create an email newsletter with option to send HTML and plain emails. Integration of iContact services into your website is to maintain a centralized email database and delivery system using iContact mail service so it would be very easy to keep customers and businesses connected. Sales management team assures the data integrity of customer email addresses. All subscriptions are handled in a single point.

Integrating iContact helps to keep businesses and customers connected. It focuses on the right customers for attracting and repeat business. Application with iContact's API lets you easily manage various contact lists and create messages that are tailored towards a specific audience. Also it reduces the traffic on sending bulk mails through website.

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