[Drupal] How to display and submit webform using ajax popup in Drupal 7?

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In my project I have a requirement to display the error message of webform submissions in a popup window. Webform is a module for creating simple or multi-step forms in Drupal in an easy way. To display the webform in popup is very hard to me. Webform Ajax module helps to meet this requirement. Its is very useful module for single or multi-step forms with pagination's in a popup box.

Webform Ajax module adds AJAX support to Drupal Webform. The ajaxified webforms are very faster and better to use. For installing Webform Ajax module we need to first install Webform and Libraries modules.

The following installation steps may help you to configure Webform Ajax in your drupal site :

  • Download and enable the webform_ajax module
  • Create or edit a webform node.
  • Go to the tab webform.
  • Select form settings, the URL will be : node/[nid]/webform/configure.
  • AJAX will be available below the 'Advanced Settings' Section.
  • Check "AJAX mode"
  • Save Configuration.

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Note: Drupal 7 will reach the end of life in November 2022. If you are still using Drupal 7, it is better to migrate to the latest version of Drupal. Please contact us if you need any support in migrating your existing website to the latest version of Drupal.