[Drupal] How to retain the default values of step 1 form after successfully submitting the step 2 form of a two step form

November 18, 2015 - 09:41

To keep the default values of the step one form after successfully submitting the step 2 form, here is an easy way. Just pass the form state values of step 1 form as query parameters to the same page on submitting step 2 form. Set the default values of step 1 form as, first check whether the form_state value is set. If yes, set the default values of step 1 form fields with the form_state values. Else check the URL query parameters, whether this variable is set. If yes, then set the default value with that value.

[Drupal] How to display and submit webform using ajax popup in Drupal 7?

August 04, 2015 - 18:24

In my project I have a requirement to display the error message of webform submissions in a popup window. Webform is a module for creating simple or multi-step forms in Drupal in an easy way. To display the webform in popup is very hard to me. Webform Ajax module helps to meet this requirement. Its is very useful module for single or multi-step forms with pagination's in a popup box.

[Drupal] How to add custom contact form using webform module

March 05, 2015 - 19:00

Webform module is a perfect solution, if you are looking for a more complex contact form or multiple feedback forms to add to your Drupal 7 website. This module will enable you to create and manage as many forms as you need. Recently, we had a need to create three different feedback forms for a Drupal website. One of the webforms was a contact form to connect with different contact persons of the company where as, another one was to send enquiries about the products and there was a guest book page to leave feedback. Here is how we achieved all these requirements in one shot using the webform module.

[Drupal] How to update / modify the data submitted via Drupal webform when submitting the form?

Webform is a Drupal module that can help webmasters create submission forms like survey forms, contest forms, contact us form etc without any custom programming. Usually webform submissions will result in the data being inserted as a new row into table 'webform_submitted_data'. But our client requirement was to update an existing submitted data from the table 'webform_submitted_data'. If you want to know how to update an existing webform submission then continue reading

[SOLVED][Drupal Webform] Undefined index: webform_client_form_XXX in drupal_retrieve_form()

A lot of Drupal users were encountering "Undefined index: webform_client_form_112 in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 738 of /****/html/includes/form.inc)" on their Drupal site and the Webform module remained hidden until the cache was cleared. If you are facing the same issue with Drupal Webform in your Drupal site then read on to find out the solution.