Zyxware turns 9, poised for a new future
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On June 24, 2015, Zyxware Technologies celebrated its ninth anniversary. In nine years, the company has scripted an amazing story of growth, development and steadfast commitment to our values. Backed by a strong value system, vision, strategy and consistent focus on execution, we have built a strong organisation that is ready to leave behind its start up days and develop into an impactful global organisation.

Small beginnings, Big rewards

Starting from its humble beginnings as a one-man organization in 2006, Zyxware has grown into a strong company delivering true value to its people, clients, and society. A global IT solutions provider,
Zyxware offers a broad spectrum of services including Web and Mobile application development and IT Infrastructure solutions.

In the Drupal based web applications space, Zyxware is a leading service provider in India. It has an experienced team which has delivered over 150 projects in these nine years in diverse sectors including education, government, ecommerce, healthcare, entertainment, reck image to seal estate, media, publishing and non-profits. Its client is truly global covering the entire planet from Australia to USA. Consistent with its commitment to quality of services, it has built specialist teams for each aspect of web applications including user interface designers, business analysts, quality control specialists and technical architects. The team has built sophisticated, high-traffic business websites for clients across the world, thus enhancing their productivity and making critical business operations faster and cost-effective.

In its IT Infrastructure Solutions business, it has served the requirements of numerous government organisations, businesses, schools, colleges and non-profits. Focusing on enhancing the IT capability of our clients, we offer IT Hardware Solutions, Software Solutions and Trainings for users so that the organisation is able to make the best use of what IT offers. We have also made significant efforts to promote the use of Free Software in Kerala. One of our proudest moments was when we were able to lead the Free Software migration at the Kerala Legislative Assembly. We have actively collaborated with the Free Software community in Kerala and beyond to build strong networks of Free Software users.

Numbers say it all: Zyxware positioned for continued growth

  • Currently, Zyxware has around 68 employees comprising developers, designers, software engineers, quality assurance specialists and data analysts.
  • At present, the company has 5 offices across India, Australia and the U.S. Plans to set up 10 more offices by 2019.
  • Zyxware has registered 2875% growth in the last nine years.
  • Achieved revenues of approximately Rs. 2.65 crores in 2013-14.
  • Projected to achieve Rs.100 crores by 2018-19.

At this juncture, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our employees whose perseverance, determination, confidence and high aspirations have phenomenally contributed towards the growth of the organization. We would also like to thank each of our clients for their continued support and belief in us and for playing a seminal role in our growth and success.

Thank you very much.



on 07th January 2008 / by webmaster
We are happy to announce the beta launch of our new public service. You can now request us for any software that is freely available on the internet and which you cannot download on your own because of your bandwidth or time limitations. We will download the software, write the CD/DVD and mail the software to you. As simple as that. The mission of this project is simple - to promote Open Source software among those who have limited internet connectivity. Request your copy of your Favorite Free Software Now Announcements Community Projects Open Source Software Free Software News Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * mukund joglekar (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:36 Suggestions: Replace all references to 'floss', 'foss', 'open source' from your website and webpages. Allow only the term 'Free software' a la GNU. Also, do your good work ONLY for software that satisfies GNU's stringent and 'virginity conscious' licences. How do you spell the noun 'licence' in your writings? (To the cursory observers or 'pragmatic' 'thinkers', this may sound like trivial, idle nitpicking. Experience will show that it is not. Remember Gandhiji.) moral: Do not compromise principles even BEFORE you do any good. Don't compromise even AFTER yo do it. But that longer and harder journey begins right now. Good luck (and purest, uncompromisingest goals) for your project. webmaster access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:36 In reply to free software cd's/dvd's by mukund joglekar (not verified) Dear Mukund, Thank you for your valuable input and suggestions. We have a few people working on the content here and hence the slight variations on spelling (US vs British issues). We try to stick to US versions as far as possible. But, yes, we will be more careful in the future. Our definition of FLOSS, FOSS and Open Source is the same as the purest definition by GNU. However we believe that all the other variants subscribe to the same philosophy to varying degrees. Our vision is to promote the concept of open source as a viable alternative to closed source solutions. This would mean that sometimes we have to promote non GPLed software too. Some of the non-GPLed software are very popular and most of them embrace the philosophy behind GPL wholeheartedly. But some the non-GNU licenses allow some parasitic elements to thrive on such licensed software. I am referring to licenses like BSD licenses that does not require the user to distribute source code with their modifications. In our opinion, to not promote these variants of Open Source Licenses would be akin to shooting oneself in the foot to cure an itch in the foot. Thus, even though we understand and realize the superiority of GPL over non-GPL variants, we have taken a stand to promote Open Source in general. Weeding out can happen later when the Open Source camp has built itself up into an empire. Cheers Anoop John Team Zyxware calebgotah (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:36 In reply to free software cd's/dvd's by mukund joglekar (not verified) i am a boy and i want some of your items or your dvds and cds tahar souri (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:36 I need the linux os on dvd webmaster access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:36 In reply to dvd linux by tahar souri (not verified) Dear Souri Kindly user our Request CD module to request all kinds of free and open source applications. Cheers Team Zyxware Pagination Current page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 … Next page Next › Last page Last » Add new comment

on 02nd April 2009 / by webmaster
Are you looking for an intellectually stimulating and challenging MCA project to wrap up your course? Are you looking for building something that people are going to use in real life instead of ending up in an old shelf in your college? If so you you have come to the right place. We are inviting smart and capable MCA students for some of our upcoming Free Software community projects. All these projects are going to be real world projects targeting real users and the completed work will be contributed to the community. Announcements News Internships Careers Education MCA Internships Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Binny (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:26 I am happy to know that you are inviting MCA students to develop Free Software as part of their Final Year projects. This way it will be both useful to the Free Software community and the students themselves as they will get experience in developing useful software.Now what about B-tech students, can you lend them a helping hand too? webmaster access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:26 In reply to How about Btech projects? by Binny (not verified) Yes we take up BTech projects too but currently it is the MCA projects season and that is why we have posted about the same. Anoop John Team Zyxware Nripen (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:26 In reply to How about Btech projects? by Binny (not verified) Please help me to develope a MCA project jawahar (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:26 Hello, i have submitted my resume for free final year project about your webpage but still i did not get any answer from you . if am not qualified mean, could you tell to me, in which way am not qualified? i have improve myself. thank you vikalp harbola (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 23:26 sir, i am mca final year student of B.I.A.S. bhimtal. i am looking for project. please tell me wht is the most suitable way through which i can apply for project easily. thank you. Pagination Current page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Next page Next › Last page Last » Add new comment

on 07th April 2009 / by webmaster
We are moving from our present location this year. After having spent nearly 3 years at our current office location we have decided to move out. We are planning to split our operations - hardware and software - to two locations. We are looking for office spaces or residential buildings that can be used for commercial purposes. We request all our well wishers in Trivandrum city to let us know of any potential places to move out to within the coming one month or so. You can read more details about the houses/offices we are looking to rent in Trivandrum here News Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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