Tips for writing an attractive web copy
BY nayanathara
3 years ago
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When writing web content, you should picture the prospective customer reading your text. Treat your web visitors just like people who are fond of reading printed text. However, there is one thing you need to remember: web copy is entirely different from print copy and web copy is often scanned or may be glanced at, but not essentially read.

Your web visitors are always on the lookout for information related to products or services. Hence, they need to make faster decisions. So how can you compel your web visitors to take action?

Writing simple yet informative copy is really hard. Don’t consider your web visitors as academics who are passionate about reading complicated texts. Instead make your web content simple, short, clear and focused.

Given below are some important tips to write compelling copy for the web.

Place the most relevant information first: Writing content for the web is completely different from writing an essay. The most important point i.e. information that’s significant for your web visitors should always come first. So provide them noteworthy information on what you do, what you can do for them and then maybe a bit of background information. Give your customers the big picture first.

Don’t try to be too creative: Unlike print, in web, a reader does not have much time to go through the content in a detailed manner. Hence, simple statements generally work best. Avoid clever phrasing and keep your web content as simple, easy-to-understand and clear as possible.

Present the information clearly: Research indicates that only 16% of people thoroughly read web pages. In fact, most people merely scan the page. Hence, to retain the attention of the readers, your headline should clearly communicate what you’re talking about, sub-headlines must summarize the major points, the images should convey a powerful sales message and use bullet points to present the information in a clear and concise manner.

Use words that are familiar to people: Do not embellish your content with technical jargons or complicated, extensive vocabulary. Use simple, familiar words that readers can understand.

Your copy must be easy to read: To enhance the readability of your web copy, follow these tips:

  • Always use brief paragraphs
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Avoid unnecessary words
  • Avoid technical or scientific jargons
  • Avoid passive voice
  • Avoid unnecessary repetition
  • Always address your web visitors directly using the word 'you'
  • Edit your text and make it concise

Attract potential customers: Lure prospective customers to your website by offering them useful information.

  • Give answers to the questions your potential customers might ask/are asking
  • Discuss one important topic for each page
  • Incorporate links to important pages on your own website or other websites
  • Use phrases and words that your potential customers are searching for.

Build a visual impression: The visual appeal of your website has considerable influence on the readability of your text.

Here a few tips to enhance the visual appeal of your web copy:

  • Use more photographs or videos instead of text
  • Use different font sizes – consider people scanning large text first
  • Add quotes of customers to ensure credibility
  • Use highlights, bold text, CAPS, or italics where ever required.
  • Always break a long headline into a simple, concise headline with a sub headline
  • If you have paragraphs with lots of text, break it into bullet points.
  • Add more white space. This improves the readability of the text and also enhances your perceived trust.

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on 03rd December 2013 / by Anoop John
In the last year or so we have been in the process of transitioning from a small business to a medium size business. With over 50 people in the rolls it was time we moved away from a bunch of people working with and around a single individual to a more structured organizaiton. As part of this transition we have been looking to change gears on our marketing initiatives. For the first time since we started our business we now have a business development team and we have active business development activities going on. However we have not really tapped into the potential of the web and specifically the social media. I have been doing a lot of reading on the net on how to successfully reach out and leverage on the social media. Most of the content in the space is generated by social media marketers and web marketing companies and therefore are very generic in nature or very high level in detail. Everything looks all good and nice but when it comes to the implementation of these ideas you are kind of clueless. As a company we have been following an open documentation policy for the documentation that we create internally. Although this might look very altruistic it does pay to be open. For example as of writing this article we get around 2500 visitors per day on our website and all because we have published all our technical notes and documentation as articles on our website. A significant percentage of our business is generated through leads from our website. Now coming to the social media strategy - I know for sure that it has to work. If it does not, then you wouldn't have all these companies investing into these heavily and there wouldn't be all these people who claim to have it work for them. So I am going to put my stakes on this strategy and try to build a coherent web strategy in line with our marketing strategy. I just have to figure out how all of these things work as pieces and how all of these fits together. As with other things I do, I will be documenting my experiments in the social media / web marketing space and will be sharing my findings and my understanding with the rest of the world out there hoping that somebody out there would benefit from the information I share. You will be able to follow my journey by following our profile on Facebook - You could always come back and visit our site for updates as well. I will also be discussing a lot about this on LinkedIn. You can follow me on LinkedIn to keep a tab of that - Social Media Marketing Content Strategy Content Marketing Web Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * TheAnand (not verified) access_time 27 May 2019 - 04:51 Hey, This will be interesting to follow! Looking forward to see your learnings from new media and do let me know if you need any help with optimizing your digital media marketing initiatives. Anoop John access_time 27 May 2019 - 04:51 In reply to all the best by TheAnand (not verified) Thanks Anand for the offer to help. Will probably have a lot of questions as I move along. Would definitely need help from people like you to answer these questions. Anoop Add new comment

on 19th May 2015 / by nayanathara
Well-written, informative, and engaging content is a vital element of a website. It not only attracts attention but also drives more traffic to your website. A successful content strategy involves several decisive components including planning, creating, promoting and measuring the performance and optimizing the content for success. Quite often, businesses claim that they outsource content development due to lack of time. However, the fact is that time is not the only factor why marketers turn to outsourcing. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why businesses outsource their content to external writing teams. Enables marketers to focus more on their strategic goals: By outsourcing content to external writers, you can spend your time concentrating on long-term objectives.By relieving the stress of writing or rather editing it yourself, the job becomes extremely easier and gives you more time to focus on high-level goals. Enables marketers to enhance the scalability of content initiatives: Outsourcing content facilitates marketers to reach out to a broader and more diverse group of writers who can contribute to large content projects. This eliminates the stress associated with the execution of big content projects. Keeps your marketing team small and flexible: Hiring in-house writers could mean expanding your marketing team, and can result in overall success of your business. However, for a manager, it could also be really time-consuming. Outsourcing content enables managers to maintain a small and flexible team which in turn helps to focus on their daily operations. Keeps content trendy and fresh: One of the major challenges that businesses face today is to keep their content fresh, unique, and engaging. Instead of asking one of your employees to write the content, you can hire an external writer who will be enthusiastic to learn more about your organization and help you succeed in the long run. Remember that nobody, not even the most brilliant of writers, would be excited enough to produce pages and pages of mind-blowing content after writing 200 product descriptions or 80 blog posts in a short span of time. Outsourcing content enables marketers to associate with writers who aren’t chronically stressed or fed up of their job. Saves time: Writing precise, informative, compelling, and meaningful content takes a lot of thought and time. This is yet another reason why smart marketers believe in outsourcing content to external writers. Zyxware specializes in developing website content that is customized to meet the competencies, business processes and strategies of an organization, leading to greater traffic, sales and profits. Backed by an expert team of copywriters, we provide a comprehensive array of content development services, right from consulting and analysis to conceptualising content, researching and preparing content, content editing to creation of tag lines or punch lines. If you wish to avail Zyxware's content development services, please get in touch with us soon. Marketing Content Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 26th May 2015 / by nayanathara
Content marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to drive traffic to website and build awareness and reputation for your business. Content marketing basically involves preparation and distribution of content in order to attract, retain, and engage your target audience. Some of the most popular types of content include publishing status updates and photos on Facebook and Twitter, posting Q&As, blog posts, how-to articles, and posting videos on YouTube. However, according to the statistics by Content Marketing Institute, around 85 percent of brands use content marketing, but only less than half truly believe they're good at the job. Content marketing is extremely beneficial for small businesses. Benefits of content marketing: Here are some of the major benefits of content marketing for small business owners: Increases website traffic: Content marketing improves the traffic to your website. By incorporating the relevant keywords and useful information, you will be able to get higher search engine rankings, attract more visitors to your site, and convert leads to potential customers. If your content is of high-quality and unique and appealing to the visitor, they would share the information with social channels. This in turn results in a steady and consistent flow of visitors to the website. Builds a strong business reputation: Content in your website plays a significant role in building trust and reliability among your prospective customers. SEO and Social Engagement: If you publish consistent, high-quality content in your website or blog, it can surely increase your Google rankings, and thus, drive more traffic to your site. It could further result in more leads and conversions. Yet another major benefit of content marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to benefit from the power of social media. Knowledge sharing and research enhances marketing potential: When you constantly share informative content, it would woo more website visitors and this does wonders for your marketing potential. Moreover, your expertise in the field can make you appear far more professional than your competitors. Doing research as part of content creation helps in enhancing your expertise in the field and keeps you ahead of the current industry trends. Improves sales: According to the latest research by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), around 50% of consumers are of the opinion that content marketing has a positive influence upon buying decisions and over 61% believe that it improves brand positivity. Strengthens existing relationships: Content marketing is an ideal platform to attract and engage customers, while keeping them updated on the latest news and announcements about products/services. Zyxware offers you a host of content services including website content, articles, blogs, case studies, white papers, and press releases, based on your requirements. Our copywriters structure content after closely analyzing your target audience, discussing with experts, and conducting comprehensive Internet research. This information is then developed into informative and engaging content that appropriately defines your brand and its values. Our model allows you to efficiently manage the entire content life cycle from conceptualization and planning to research, creation and publishing of content. If you wish to avail our content development services, please get in touch with us. Content Marketing Web Development Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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