[Drupal] How to clone a new view page from an existing view in Drupal?

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I had a requirement to use my current view repeatedly on other pages with minute configuration changes. The current view configuration should be available on the other views and no changes should affect the view page which is active. The best way to get through the scenario is by the cloning the copy of the existing view and configure the clone as per the requirement.

The following steps to clone the current view:

  • Export the current view as a back-up before cloning the current active view configuration.
  • On header-right, above advanced there is a drop-down to clone the current active page in the view. Also to you have the options to clone the entire view as per requirements.
  • After cloning, do remember to change the display name and path for the new view cloned.
  • After making the configuration changes to the cloned page, double check for any changes on other pages in the view template.
  • Export the configured view as a feature to other deployment servers. This will help in avoiding, configuration missings for the views.