What is an interactive website and how does it benefit the user?

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Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the modern business scenario and every organization - small, medium-sized, or large – needs an attractive, informative and engaging website that can offer it maximum visibility. Needless to say, capturing and retaining the attention of users is an absolute challenge. The simple truth is that users get easily fed up if they are bombarded with an overdose of information and a confusing mish-mash of images. In this context, an interactive website is the best way to provide a meaningful and engaging user experience.

What is an interactive website?

An interactive website is essentially an Internet page that uses different kinds of software to create a rich, interactive experience for the user i.e. it facilitates the user to be actively engaged with the site. For e.g. Let's take the case of a website that displays weather forecasts for a specific region. If the website is interactive, it enables the user to type in his/her location and shows the detailed weather report for that region. The website may also display the weather forecasts for various countries across the globe and allows the user to zoom and focus on specific regions, or manipulate the globe to get a quick glimpse of the weather in different parts of the world.

Benefits of Interactive Websites

Some of the most common types of interactive websites include Blogs, Forums, Wikis, and Social networks. Interactive websites allow users to change the way the website displays, play games, interact with friends online and perform a host of tasks. This includes:

  • Online transactions
  • Submitting stories, photos, videos, and blogs
  • Interactive features, such as calculators and clickable maps, help the user to explore the various services offered by a company
  • Personalization of content and experience based on history and demographics.
  • Features, such as live chat, pop-​​up and help screens enable context-sensitive, user-friendly help.

Things to consider while building an interactive website

Interactive websites may contain elements ranging from simple HTML input fields to rich content such as games and maps and various other advanced programming elements including Flash, Java, or HTML5. Building an interactive website requires a fair amount of programming knowledge. If you have limited programming skills, it's best to use templates or rapid development applications. You can even add interactive modules to your website. In the initial phase, hiring a developer and paying for contracts might prove to be really expensive but could save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Before you start the process, it's better to take hidden costs into account. In addition, consistently ensure that your hosting service provider has solid financial statements, a good uptime history, and a strong contingency plan in place.

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