Is tweeting a good marketing strategy?

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Social media marketing plays a significant role in promoting a company's products, driving more traffic to the website, and attracting potential customers. Needless to say, if your social media strategy is implemented correctly, it can bring a whole lot of profit to your business.

Besides Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter has become an incredibly popular social media platform. A microblogging service, it essentially involves tweeting or brief updates of a maximum of 140 characters which informs your followers what you are up to. You can also share stories, photos, promote content, and a do a host of interesting activities. As per the current stats, Twitter has an average 284 million monthly active users. Tweeting about your company, its products, blog, or website could be an amazing way to connect with your consumer.

Leverage the power of Twitter and stay ahead in your business!

Are you wondering how marketing with Twitter can help in brand promotion, or have you already started using twitter for business?

Here are some ways in which you can use twitter in your marketing strategy:

  • If you are the CEO of an organization, you can effectively manage connections with potential customers, bloggers and other influencers using Twitter.You can send a short text message or comment from anywhere in the world. As a marketing tool, Twitter offers you the perfect platform to share your interesting views on your market.
  • Ensure that the identity of the organization is properly branded. Make a concise twitter bio that informs people who you are. You can also include a link to your company's website or a landing page.
  • Use Twitter search to identify potential customers/clients, writers, bloggers, experts and influencers/media related to your industry and then follow and interact with them on a daily basis. Build a solid relationship and search for the best opportunities to collaborate with them.
  • Try to get your co-workers involved in tweeting, retweeting, engaging, etc.
  • Tweet and engage relevant information on a daily basis.
  • Ask your followers in Twitter to retweet, mention, or favorite your tweets.
  • Set up Twitter searches for terms that are significant to your brand.
  • Retweet or favourite tweets to garner more attention and to strengthen your leadership.
  • Tag your posts with one or two significant and trending hashtags to connect to new users.
  • Provide special discounts, deals, or sales offers to your Twitter followers
  • Provide live updates on events, seminars, or conferences
  • Post blog articles, webinars, and other news that are relevant to your business
  • Use photos, videos, and other rich media to get more clicks on Twitter.
  • Incorporate Twitter with other marketing activities of the organization
  • If you have started marketing with Twitter, use Twitter analytics daily to get an idea on what's trending with your audience, the types of content that have won favour, and the demographics of the followers.

Twitter is undoubtedly a popular platform for marketing your products and services. There are several options available including Hashtags and sponsored Tweets that provide tremendous exposure to your business and brand. So, if you want to enhance your online presence and reap optimum benefits, avail our expertise in Twitter marketing. We guarantee you that we can deliver the best results.