A custom article template for technical content writers

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Generating technical content is an interesting task, especially when you have a team of dedicated developers who are ready to share their knowledge with others.
We do have a such a great team who are having a vision of spreading free software and helping others to leverage on information technology.
We used to write articles, publish it on web and share our knowledge with the world. But then we found our processes little time eating as we moved in this way.
The important challenge was to bring a standard throughout the articles we contribute and make the presentation look good when we publish it.
For taking this aspect in mind we developed a technical article template for our team.

Here is how it looks.

Article Template:

Title: Enter your article's title here.
Author: Enter your Full Name here.
Tags: Suggested tags for the article.

(*Please ensure that there is HTML correctness in your article. This is not optional.)

#Your article starts here...

[1. Initial Part of the article: Introduction - An overview of the context of the article and the problem (Compulsory)]

<p> First paragraph of the article ... </p>

[2. Middle Part of the article: Use appropriate content block/nested blocks to suit your article from the following]

<h4> OPTIONAL Subheadings inside article </h4>
<p> Second paragraph of the article ... </p>

[OPTIONAL CODE if you are including code]
<p> A brief on what the following code does... </p>
<pre> <code> Your code starts here..
Your code ends here.. </code> </pre>

[OPTIONAL LIST if you are including a list]
<p> A brief on what the following list of items is </p>
<li> Bullet point </li>
<li> Bullet point </li>

[3. Final Part of the article: Conclusion]

<p> A summary of what the article intended to convey and any gotchas </p>

#Your article ends here...

Happy Writing.