How to test Ubercart recurring fees and subscriptions - From a drupal tester's perspective

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Suppose we have a Drupal website which uses Ubercart module and Ubercart recurring fees functionality for handling payments and the website has two subscription products one which renews on a monthly basis and another which renews annually. We have to ensure that these two products will be renewed when the next billing date occurs. The following test cases will help you test this.

If UC Recurring fees module is enabled, we can see the recurring fees under
Store » Orders » Recurring fees

And the cases to be tested are

  1. Ensuring admin privileges.
    The cases to be considered here are
    1. Test whether admin receives mail regarding this.
    2. Test whether admin receives the order by checking under the Drupal menu - Store Administration » Orders » View Orders

  2. Test whether payment is carried out when next billing date occurs
    To test this
    1. First edit a product which is already ordered. We can edit through Store Administration » Orders » View Orders » Edit (the product you want to check)
    2. Then change the date/time period to today's date.
    3. Submit the changes.
    4. Check whether the user receives mail regarding payment. (If cron is enabled user will receive mail only after the cron runs).
    5. Check whether admin receives the order.

    Please check the below image for reference.