Testing Tips !!!

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What to test when time is not sufficient? Please find the below software testing tips for easy testing progresses.

  • Test the functionality that fulfills the project's intended purpose.
  • Test the functionality that the end user is likely to use more frequently.
  • Test the functionality that is more prone to errors.
  • Test the functionality that is likely to break going by the tester's intuition.
  • Test the areas that were developed in a hurry.
  • Compare previous statistics to find out the break points in similar projects so that testing can be concentrated in those areas.
  • Test the areas that have high risk factor associated with it.
  • Test the areas that are prone to external attacks and have security vulnerabilities.
  • Test those areas of the codes that are complex.
  • Test those parts of the application that is likely to garner attention from the masses.
  • Execute tests that can cover multiple functionalities.
  • Test the areas where the requirements were not properly documented.
  • Test the areas that involve financial transactions properly leaving no room for error.

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