Automating the Testing of Checkout Process in Drupal Ubercart

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Zyxware as an organization is trying to introduce cost-effective measures that can save time, resources and bring value to clients, as part of that we have introduced automation of checkout process in Drupal Ubercart. On the analysis made in many eCommerce websites, we have concluded that the checkout process is the main functional flow that is critical to the client and it was to be automated to keep a check on the stability of the checkout process flow. Stability of checkout process is of main concern because that is what will be directly relating to online sales/marketing of online products.

We have Automated the Below Checkout Scenarios in Drupal Ubercart Using Selenium:

  1. Checkout process for web user
  2. Checkout process for Authenticated user
  3. Paypal Checkout process for web user
  4. Paypal Checkout process for Authenticated user

All the Four Scenarios Include:

  1. Selecting a product
  2. Adding the selected product to cart
  3. Procedding to checkout process
  4. Enetring the shipping details
  5. Making Payment
  6. Complete the transaction

These scripts can be used as a check on checkout process repeatedly to keep track of the stability of checkout. The scripts developed can be easily modified according to requirement or any alteration needed. Also the script can be imported to java, ruby, python etc which in turn can be run on webdriver to bring unlimited flexibility to the automation process.

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