[Drupal] How to create a custom feed on drupal 7 site using views?

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'Feeds' helps us to keep track of contents in another websites. In Dupal, we have 'feeds' module for this purpose.Through this article, we will be helping you to find out how you could create a custom feed using views in a drupal 7 site.

Follow the below steps . Please note, you will have to enable the 'Views' module before padding up.

Step1: Create a New View

Goto Administer > Site building > Views > Add. Create a view name called "custom_feed" with description and the View type as "Node" and press Next button.

Step2: Create an RSS Feed View

Now you can see on the left-hand side a dropdown list, choose "Feed" from the dropdown and click "Add display". Which will create a RSS feed display.

Step3: Set the Style of your RSS Feed

In feed display at the top left of the Views screen you find Row style, click "Missing style plugins" and set the style for the RSS feed. You'll need to enable "Node" and update. Same thing you need to do for defaults display

Step4: Set the Path of your RSS Feed

At the bottom left of the Views screen you'll find Path, click the "None" text. Enter a path (URL) for your RSS feed and click "Update".

Step5: Save the view

Save the view, Go to the browser and type the path(url) given earlier. Your custom feed on drupal 7 site will be displayed.