Recurring fees and Subscriptions

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Suppose we have a Drupal website which uses Ubercart module and Ubercart recurring fees functionality for handling payments and the website has two subscription products one which renews on a monthly basis and another which renews annually. We have to ensure that these two products will be renewed when the next billing date occurs. The following test cases will help you test this.
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Boost is a Drupal module that accelerates the performance of a site by efficient caching of pages. It can be enabled for all pages other than the ones which need to show constantly updating data (for example, a captcha box). NOTE: If you are looking on how to install and configure Boost for your Drupal website, go here: How to install and configure Boost caching module to speed up performance on your Drupal 6 site. Here we list some methods for testing the Boost implementation on a Drupal website: