Opportunities for Internships for MBA Students - Summer 2013

January 04, 2013 - 14:42

We are offering summer internships for MBA students at Zyxware for the 2013 summer break. Internships are available specifically in the areas of Market Research, HR Process Audit and Costing & Pricing. Interested applicants please send your C.V and a covering letter to careers@zyxware.com with subject line: MBA Internship - 2013. The last date to receive applications for this internship program is January 31, 2013.

Project #1

Project Title: Entry strategy into the Small Office and Home Office segment for IT Infrastructure Solutions Businesses

Project Description: Kerala and even India at large has seen a surge in small office/home office segment over the past few years. Some analysts put the growth rate at 37 percent for the financial year 2011-12 (http://www.smallenterpriseindia.com). Many factors explain this. Chief among them being the increasing cost of rentals, growing urbanisation and government support for small and medium enterprises. This trend is seen mostly in the case of business like consultancies (legal, engineering, medical, social development, real estate, graphic designers etc), BPOs, DTP Operators, Travel Agents, Financial Advisors, Stock Brokers, Software Application Developers, Advertisers, Telecallers, cottage and handicrafts manufactures etc. These businesses have a strong requirement for customised IT Infrastructure Solutions. The trends in IT Infrastructure Solutions space like Cloud Computing, Low Cost Internet Sharing Solutions, Google Drive, Memory Devices etc have a lot to offer this segment of businesses. At Zyxware, we are looking to engage with this segment in the district of Trivandrum. With our full range of products and competence in Information Technology, we can offer consultancy, design and implementation support for IT Infrastructure Solutions to these businesses.

The current project aims to do the following:
1. Develop a landscape of the Small Office Home Office Space in Trivandrum in terms of sectors in which the trend is present, profile of entrepreneurs, existing status of IT Infrastructure,
2. Identify potential IT Infrastructure Solutions
3. Examine financial viability
4. Develop a market entry strategy

Desired Candidate Profile:
The desired candidate would be a second year student of M.B.A with strong research orientation, appreciation of elements of strategy design, good understanding of statistical tools and good Malayalam and English communication abilities.

Project #2

Project Title: HR Process Audit in Zyxware Technologies

Project Description:
The HR Audit is a process of examining policies, procedures, documentation, systems and practices with respect to an organisation's HR functions. The purpose of the audit is to reveal the strengths and weakness in the HR systems. This provides a blueprint that can be followed to strengthen and improve the HR areas where the organisation could be more efficient. We are looking for an intern to review all the aspects of human resources, usually in a checklist fashion, ensuring that government regulations and company policies are being adhered to.

Desired Candidate Profile:
The desired candidate would be a second year student of M.B.A with theoretical knowledge on HR functions.

Project #3

Project Title: Costing and Pricing for Web Application Development Operations

Project Description: We are looking for an intern who can undertake a detailed costing exercise for our Web Application Development Operations. As a software company, it is important for us to understand our cost structures and bench mark ourselves against comparable companies in the industry. This would also help us in our pricing decisions.

Desired candidate profile:
The intern should have the following attributes
1. Strong understanding of Costing Methodologies
2. Understanding of Pricing Decisions
3. Basics of Financial Management and Accounting

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Dear Sir/Madam
This is M.Raghavendra pursuing MBA in Marketing and in H.R anggoing to complete my course my april 20, my main project will start from Jan 20 to April 20.
this is the request for any internin our organization

I am a first year student of Sheila Raheja institute ,Mumbai University .
And I am looking out for an internship after my completion of Sem-II into an organisation, whereby I would get a good scope of learning and career opportunities in terms of preplacement offer.

can i do MBA Internship offered by the company as MBA final project as per Kerala University prescription.

i want to about summer training from of hero motor crop and in which month training start??????

i want to about summer training from of hero motor crop and in which month training start??????