[SOLVED] [Drupal Webform] Webform submission results download not working (empty file downloaded)

| | 1 min read

The Drupal Webform module allows you to track and download Webform submissions in your Drupal site. You might occasionally face issues while downloading submissions to your Webform like getting an empty file or getting none at all. If that is the case then read on to find the fix.

Follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

  • First make sure that your sites temp directory is writable.
  • The Webform module creates the report in the temp file prior to download. If the file has not been created then it would likely be the cause.
  • Check if the readfile function is a disabled on your server. Webform uses this to stream the temp file to the browser. If it is not enabled ask your hosting provider to enable it for you.

Hope that helps.

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