Drupal Configuration Checklist

| | 1 min read

Here’s a simple checklist to make sure you do not miss out any of the essential configurations while taking your Drupal site live:


  1. Set throttle value for any cron-triggered newsletters.
  2. Ensure feeds URLs are correct.
  3. Set maintenance theme and test out by taking site offline.
  4. Confirm site wide settings including email address settings.
  5. Switch email address on contact forms and other client-specific settings to the actual client address, rather than our test address.
  6. Write errors to the log only, don't display as messages to site visitors (Site Configuration > Error Reporting).
  7. Check our credit URL is correct and working OK.
  8. Add overnight cron to cron drupal instances job.
  9. When the website is running on it's final domain, ensure that the cron script that calls cron.php is updated. More info on this here.