Drupal performance checklist

| | 1 min read

You have your new Drupal site all ready for take off. You just want to make sure you have everything well in place. Here is a little checklist for you to make sure you have the essentials ready. In this part of the checklist series, we look at the important performance related essentials for a Drupal website, so that your site is ready to receive the multitudes it oughta get. These will help you ensure that your site will sail smooth in times of high traffic.


  1. Go to Site Configuration > Performance, turn on page + block caching and CSS + Javascript aggregation
  2. Turn off unnecessary modules, such as Devel.
  3. Switch to caching mode Normal (Site Configuration > Performance).
  4. Enable HTML caching for anonymous users
  5. Avoid using PNG images when there is no transparency required
  6. Install and enable advanced aggregation module