Healthcare industry gets a brand new definition with Drupal 8!

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The healthcare and medical industry has made rapid strides in research and innovation, with the best of doctors, researchers, and other professionals being available. Despite these advancements, the industry lacks the necessary technical innovation as far as web technology is concerned.

This is exactly where Drupal can be of excellent use. Being a free open source Content Management System (CMS),Drupal is flexible, secure and has all the necessary attributes to become the digital antidote that the healthcare business is in dire need of, currently.

Let us delve slightly deeper to know how Drupal’s exceptional features can become the much-needed antidote for healthcare:

Drupal is an open-source CMS: The biggest advantage Drupal has over other CMS is that it is an open-source CMS and allows anyone to use it as the source code is unrestricted. Any healthcare organization that builds its website on Drupal will have no hassles in sharing medical records with doctors. Sharing patient records has been a vital issue that has been troubling the healthcare industry for long, and Drupal 8 manages this problem quite efficiently.

Also as an open-source, Drupal allows constant improvements and additions from the best developers in the digital world, making it dynamic, and helps it to evolve continuously. The launch of Drupal 8 has also been a shot in the arm to further strengthening the CMS.

Drupal is secure: The mention of open source is bound to raise a few eyebrows about its security but contrary to the perception, Drupal security is impeccable. The White House, CDC, NASA, Department of Homeland Security, and many information-sensitive websites have been built on Drupal CMS. These organizations are obsessed with security concerns about the breach of private information and the use of Drupal to build their websites is the best endorsement that it gets.

In fact, Drupal is continuously being monitored for security gaps by an ever-vigilant Drupal community of technical wizards. Herein lies the actual advantage of being an open source CMS too. Drupal 8, with its latest features, has further enhanced security for all its information-sensitive clients.

Drupal is flexible: Drupal is an extremely malleable platform and the healthcare industry benefits tremendously due to this flexibility. A healthcare website built on Drupal can easily incorporate new features without hassles and is also ideal for smooth upgrades and are easy on your budget too. Bay building your website on the Drupal CMS, you can be assured of frequent upgrades and the latest innovations being easily incorporated.

For example, many healthcare websites have video chats enabled for patients to interact directly with doctors. Adding this to a Drupal driven website is easy, simple, and quick and does not interrupt any of its functions.

Drupal is portability-friendly: Every year, billions of dollars are being squandered due to lack of coordination. Modern healthcare functions demand sharing of medical information such as patient data and reports. With the launch of Drupal 8, the secure sharing of this information is possible with the patient or the healthcare professionals concerned.

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