Over 170+ New GNU / Linux Distributions available from Zyxware RequestCD
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7 years ago
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We have added more than 170 new GNU/Linux distribution CDs and DVDs to our RequestCD program within the last 30 days. Please find below the list of all the newly added products. You can visit our online shop to buy GNU/Linux CDs and DVDs or visit any of the links below to buy the specific item.

Top 5 GNU/Linux Distributions

Linux Mint

Linux Mint 12 GNOME 32bit DVD
Linux Mint 12 GNOME 64bit DVD


Ubuntu 11.10 amd64 Repository 11 DVD Pack
Ubuntu 11.10 Amd64 Server CD
Ubuntu 11.10 i386 Repository 11 DVD Pack
Ubuntu 11.10 i386 Server CD
Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 Amd64 CD
Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 i386 CD


Fedora 16 i686 Live Games DVD
Fedora 16 i686 Live KDE
Fedora 16 x86_64 Live Games DVD
Fedora 16 x86_64 Live KDE


openSUSE 12.1 i586 DVD
openSUSE 12.1 x86_64 DVD


Debian 6.0 i386 CD
Debian 6.0 amd64 CD
Debian 6.0 i386 (8 DVD Pack)
Debian 6.0 amd64 (8 DVD Pack)

Other newly added GNU/Linux Distributions

Absolute Linux

Absolute Linux 13.2.2 i686 CD

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux 2.3.0 i386 CD
Alpine Linux 2.3.0 x86_64 CD

ALT Linux

ALT Linux 6.0.0 x86_64 Centaurus DVD
ALT Linux 6.0.0 x86_64 Centaurus Live CD
ALT Linux 6.0.0 i586 Centaurus DVD
ALT Linux 6.0.0 i586 Centaurus Live CD


antiX M11 i486 CD
antiX M11 i686 CD


aptosid 2011-02 amd64 xfce CD
aptosid 2011-02 i386 XFCE CD
aptosid 2011-02 i386-Amd64 KDE DVD

Arch Linux

Arch Linux 2011.08 i686 CD
Arch Linux 2011.08 x86_64 CD

ArchBang Linux

ArchBang Linux 2011.11 i686 CD
ArchBang Linux 2011.11 x86_64 CD


AriOS 3.0 i386 DVD
AV Linux
AV Linux 5.0.2 i386 LXDE DVD


BackTrack 5 R1 i386 Gnome DVD
BackTrack 5 R1 x86_64 Gnome DVD


blackPanther OS 11.1 i586 CD


BlankOn Linux 7.0 Amd64 Live CD
BlankOn Linux 7.0 i386 Live CD

Bodhi Linux

Bodhi Linux 1.2.1 i386 CD


CDlinux 0.9.7 i686 CD


CentOS 5.7 i386 DVD
CentOS 5.7 x86_64 DVD


Chakra 2011.11 i686 DVD
Chakra 2011.11 x86_64 DVD


ClearOS 6.1 i386 Enterprise Beta1 CD
ClearOS 6.1 x86_64 Enterprise Beta1 CD


Clonezilla 1.2.10-14 Amd64 Live
Clonezilla 1.2.10-14 i486 Live
Clonezilla Live 1.2.11-23 Amd64 CD
Clonezilla Live 1.2.11-23 i486 CD
Clonezilla Live 1.2.11-23 i686 CD


CrunchBang 10 amd64 CD
CrunchBang 10 i386 CD

DEFT Linux

DEFT Linux 6.1 i386 CD


DragonFly BSD 2.10.1 REL i386 CD
DragonFly BSD 2.10.1 REL x86_64 CD

Dream Studio

Dream Studio 11.04 x86_64 DVD


EasyPeasy 1.6 i386 DVD


Edubuntu 11.10 i386 DVD


Elastix 2.2.0 i386 CD
Elastix 2.2.0 x86_64 CD


Finnix 103 i386 CD
Finnix 103 Powerpc CD


FreeBSD 9.0 RC3 amd64 CD
FreeBSD 9.0 RC3 i386 CD


FreeNAS 8.0.2 Amd64 CD
FreeNAS 8.0.2 i386 CD

Frugalware Linux

Frugalware Linux 1.5 i686 DVD
Frugalware Linux 1.5 x86_64 DVD


Fuduntu 14.12 x86_64 DVD
Fuduntu 14.12 i386 DVD

Fusion Linux

Fusion Linux 14.1 i386 DVD

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux 11.2 amd64 multitab DVD
Gentoo Linux 11.2 Live x86 amd64 DVD

GParted LiveCD

GParted LiveCD 0.10.0-3 i486 CD


Incognito 0.9 i386 Live System CD


IPFire 2.11 i586 CD

Joli OS

Joli OS 1.2 i386 CD


KANOTIX 2.6.38 i386 DVD
KANOTIX 2.6.38 x64 DVD


KNOPPIX 6.7.1 EN i486 CD
KNOPPIX 6.7.1 EN i486 DVD

Kororaa Linux

Kororaa Linux 15.1 i686 GNOME Live DVD
Kororaa Linux 15.1 i686 KDE Live DVD
Kororaa Linux 15.1 x86_64 GNOME Live DVD
Kororaa Linux 15.1 x86_64 KDE Live DVD


Kubuntu 11.10 Amd64 CD
Kubuntu 11.10 Amd64 DVD
Kubuntu 11.10 i386 CD
Kubuntu 11.10 i386 DVD

Kwort Linux

Kwort Linux 3.2 i686 CD


LinEx 2011 i386 DVD

Linux Gamers

LinuX-Gamers 0.9.7 i686 Live CD


LinuX-Gamers 0.9.7 i686 Live DVD
Lubuntu 11.10 Amd64 CD
Lubuntu 11.10 i386 CD

Lunar Linux

Lunar Linux 1.6.5 i686 CD


Macpup 528 i386 CD


Mageia 1 i586 DVD
Mageia 1 i586 GNOME Live CD
Mageia 1 i586 KDE Live CD
Mageia 1 x86_64 DVD


Mandriva Linux 2011 i586 DVD
Mandriva Linux 2011 x86_64 DVD


SimplyMEPIS 11.0.00 32bit DVD
SimplyMEPIS 11.0.00 64bit DVD


MINIX 3.1.8 i386 CD


moonOS 4 i386 DVD


Mythbuntu 11.10 Amd64 CD
Mythbuntu 11.10 i386 CD


OLPC OS 11.3.0 i386 CD


OpenBSD 5.0 amd64 CD
OpenBSD 5.0 i386 CD

Pardus Linux

Pardus Linux 2011.2 x86_64 DVD
Pardus Linux 2011.2 i686 DVD
Pardus Linux 2011.2 Live i686 DVD
Pardus Linux 2011.2 Live x86_64 DVD

Parted Magic

Parted Magic 2011.11.24 x86_64 CD
Parted Magic 2011.11.24 i486 CD
Parted Magic 2011.11.24 i686 CD


PC-BSD 9.0 RC x86_64 Live DVD
PC-BSD 9.0 RC2 i386 DVD
PC-BSD 9.0 RC2 i386 Live DVD
PC-BSD 9.0 RC2 x86_64 DVD


PCLinuxOS 2011.09 i386 KDE
PCLinuxOS 2011.09 i386 LXDE

Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS Two i386 CD
Peppermint OS Two x86_64 CD

Pinguy OS

Pinguy OS 11.10 beta2 DVD

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux 5.2.2 'Racy' i386 CD
Puppy Linux 5.2.2 'Wary' i386 CD
Puppy Linux 5.3 i386 CD


PureOS 4.0 i386 Live CD


Sabayon Linux 7 Amd64 LXDE
Sabayon Linux 7 x86 LXDE


Sabily 11.04 Amd64 DVD
Sabily 11.04 i386 DVD


SalineOS 1.5 amd64 DVD
SalineOS 1.5 i386 DVD

Salix OS

Salix OS 13.37 i486 Ratpoison CD
Salix OS 13.37 x86_64 Ratpoison CD

Scientific Linux

Scientific Linux 5.7 i386 DVD
Scientific Linux 5.7 x86_64 DVD


Slackware 13.37 64bit DVD
Slackware 13.37 i386 DVD


SliTaz 2011.1 i386 Cooking CD

Super OS

Super OS 11.04 32bit DVD
Super OS 11.04 64bit DVD


SystemRescueCd 2.4.0 x86 CD

Tiny Core Linux

Tiny Core Linux 4.1 i386 CD


TinyMe Linux RC2010.08.20 i586 CD


Trisquel 5.0 Amd64 CD
Trisquel 5.0 Amd64 Mini CD
Trisquel 5.0 i686 CD
Trisquel 5.0 i686 Mini CD

Ubuntu Rescue Remix

Ubuntu Rescue Remix 11.10 i386 CD

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio 11.10 Alternate Amd64 DVD
Ubuntu Studio 11.10 Alternate i386 DVD

Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition 3.0 i386 DVD

Unity Linux

Unity Linux 2011 i586 Alpha2 CD
Unity Linux 2011 x86_64 Alpha2 CD


VectorLinux 7.0 i486 CD
VectorLinux 7.0 i486 Live CD


wattOS R4 i386 CD


Xubuntu 11.10 Amd64 Alternate CD
Xubuntu 11.10 Amd64 Live CD
Xubuntu 11.10 i386 Alternate CD
Xubuntu 11.10 i386 Live CD

Yellow Dog Linux

Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 i386 DVD


Zenwalk Linux 7.0 i486 GNOME CD


ZevenOS 4.0 i386 CD

Zorin OS

Zorin OS 3.1 i386 DVD
Zorin OS 3.1 x86_64 DVD



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A new software developed by Zyxware Technologies all about to revolutionize the way information is collected and processed in tracking diseases like Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria. The software, is being dedicated to the nation as Free Software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on 5th October 2007. The first copy of the software will be handed over to the Hon'ble Minister for Health Smt. P. K. Sreemathi Teacher in a function to be held at the minister's office. Announcements Open Source Press Releases Web Development Free Software Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Subhash Krisha… (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 20:10 I express my appreciation for exceptional work done by you and your team. The objectives in releasing the software as Free and Open Source Software will definitely be an inspiration to millions of Youth who aspire to see our Great India a developed country by 2020. I hope this will inspire youngsters to take bold steps in trying out their ideas and contributing it to our country, however small their contributions may be. I send my warm regards and wish you continued success. Subhash Krishanamoorthy Resmi G (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 20:10 My Hearty congrats to zyxware team!!!! Hope this software will go a long way in tackling epidemics like chikungunya. It will be a boon to milliions of people like me who are suffering from chikungunya. The main hurdle at the clinical level for epidemics like chikungunya is that no medicines have been identified for treating this disease. Doctors just prescribe pain killers and paracetamol. The need of the hour is a sincere effort at the govt level to do extensive research for the roots of this disease , develop preventives and prevent such outbreaks in future. Such efforts aided with a GIS software like zyxwares’s will go a long way in eradicating these epidemics. Jai (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 20:10 Kudos. I appreciate the effort and contribution from the Zyxware Technologies Team. I hope it would be possible to import the data (both demographic & clinical) collected through Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) database into the above mentioned modules (Health Monitoring System Management Console and Health Monitor GIS/Reporting Interface application), to generate disease patterns/trends, analyse reasons for occurrance, predict possiblity for future outbreaks for prevention etc. Such a feature/effort could help acheive better results in public health administration in India and other developing countries. Best Wishes Jai Sri Sathya Sai Information Technology Centre Prasanthi Nilayam Sukhdev Singh (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 20:10 Please announce the URL from which this Open Source software can be downloaded. Brig K S Kali Prasad (not verified) access_time 18 Aug 2019 - 20:10 A very good effort and well organized GIS Information using the OGC to be studied for all cost effective projects Pagination Current page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Next page Next › Last page Last » Add new comment
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