PureOS 4.0 is a desktop-oriented live CD (with GNOME), based on Debian's "testing" branch. PureOS is five years old and the 4.0 version is available. You can now choose your language (and keyboard) from the boot menu. Main features: Linux kernel with Squashfs 4.0 and xz (LZMA 2), GNOME 2.30 with Docky. Office: LibreOffice 3.3.3 - Calc, Draw, Impress and Writer. Internet: Iceweasel 5.0 ('sid' repository) with Gnash, Icedove 3.1, NetworkManager, Transmission, FileZilla. Multimedia: Songbird 1.9.3, VLC, Brasero. Graphics: GIMP, Evince, Eye of GNOME. System: GParted, smxi/sgfxi scripts, scripts and Nautilus actions for modules management - activate, debs2lzm, debs2lzm-file, dir2lzm, lzm2dir and find2lzm.

About PureOS

PureOS and PureOSlight are GNU/Linux live CDs based on Debian's testing repository. These are desktop distributions that can be used as live media (CD or USB) or as full-featured operating systems installed on a hard disk. PureOS is a 700 MB live CD with KDE, Iceweasel, Icedove, OpenOffice.org, Songbird, VLC and K3B. PureOSlight is a small 300 MB live CD with Xfce, Iceweasel, Icedove, AbiWord, Gnumeric and Exaile.

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694 MB
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