TinyMe Linux, a mini-distribution based on Unity Linux, is available for download and testing. TinyMe 'Acorn' i586 release candidate 2010.08.20 has made its way into the world! Previous issues forced a do-over, using the Unity 2010.1 i586 release as a starting point. The versioning scheme switched to a date-based system. Gzip compression is used on the LiveCD instead of LZMA. Although TinyMe comes as a small, 250 MB ISO image, it provides tools for most every-day wants and needs: Linux kernel, SLiM logs you in, DeadBeef audio player, AbiWord word processor, Midori web browser. Openbox is the session and window manager, Nitrogen manages the wallpaper, and LXPanel provides the panel.

About TinyMe

TinyMe is a Unity Linux-based mini-distribution. It exists to ease installation of Unity Linux on older computers, to provide a minimal installation for developers, and to deliver a fast Linux installation for where only the bare essentials are needed.

Code Name
Distribution Name
RC 2010.08.20
Number of Media
244 MB
Media Type
Software Type
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