SliTaz GNU/Linux 2011.1 CD is a minimalist desktop Linux distribution in 30 megabytes. The new Cooking version is built with the new and fresh packages from cookutils. Cookutils is one of the new generation of tools to build SliTaz packages and provides a build bot with a nice web interface that works out-of-the-box on any SliTaz system. These new packages have been built with a new i486 optimized toolchain. The full boot process has been improved and the first boot configuration is now done through GTK+ boxes in an X session and the boot time is also faster. This version comes with a new GUI tool for system configuration as well as our new system configuration panel - TazPanel.

About Slitaz

SliTaz GNU/Linux is a mini distribution and live CD designed to run speedily on hardware with 256 MB of RAM. SliTaz uses BusyBox, a recent Linux kernel and GNU software. It boots with Syslinux and provides more than 200 Linux commands, the lighttpd web server, SQLite database, rescue tools, IRC client, SSH client and server powered by Dropbear, X window system, JWM (Joe's Window Manager), gFTP, Geany IDE, Mozilla Firefox, AlsaPlayer, GParted, a sound file editor and more. The SliTaz ISO image fits on a less than 30 MB media and takes just 80 MB of hard disk space.

Distribution Name
Number of Media
30.0 MB
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