Alappuzha GNU/Linux Users Group

June 23, 2008 - 21:12

With a view to promote free software across Kerala, we have decided to promote district wide groups and as part of this initiative we have started GNU/Linux Users Group Alappuzha. This group is specially focussed on Free Software Enthusiasts from Alappuzha District erstwhile known as Alleppey . We will support all free software including but not exclusively all GNU/Linux distributions. We invite all Free Software Users and Supporters from Alappuzha district to join this group and have fun. You can join this group by sending a mail to ilug-alp-subsribe @ or you can join from the Alappuzha GNU/Linux Users Group Website.

Until this group gains momentum and critical mass we will support this group as a company. Additionally volunteers from Trivandrum GNU/Linux Users Group have agreed to support questions on this group directly on this group. Initially we are planning on groups based support and once the group builds its capability the group members can provide hands on support to people in and around Alappuzha physically like onsite installation, onsite troubleshooting, install fests etc.

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