Part-time / Full-time Job openings for Freelance Writers

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Zyxware is looking for freelance content writers, both part time and full time, to be part of a growing network of content writers - We are primarily looking for freelancers who are already good at content development but we are also open to mentoring people into becoming capable content developers.

Who can apply?

Anybody with excellent English writing skills can apply for this position. It does not matter where you are located or what your educational qualifications are - APPLY NOW

What skills are required?

Excellent English writing skills, a keen interest and ability to write entertaining articles, interest in researching about relevant topics, ability to compile information from different sources, ability to search online efficiently and effectively and most importantly to drive home the point to the target audience.

What do you have to write about?

The topic would depend on the project you would be working on. Although we take care to assign articles that come from familiar domains of our writers, be sure to expect a challenge. The topic could be anything under the sun, ranging from a highly technical article on ‘setting up a mail server on a Unix system’ to a highly non-technical one like ‘preparing a tasty Italian dish with all the toppings’.

How much will you be paid?

The rates for compensation depend on the type of project your are assigned to. Our current rates range between Rs.250(approximately $6) to Rs.1000(approximately $25) per article of 700 - 1000 words. The actual rate would depend on the project, the quality of the content delivered and also based on how dependable and effective you are in your task.

Payment will be done via PayPal if you reside outside of India or it can be deposited in your bank account if your bank has a branch in our city (Trivandrum, Kerala) or via PayPal if not.

What is content-grid?

Content-grid is an attempt to bring together the power and scalability of the community with the predictability and reliability of an organization to offer content development and SEO related services to customers globally. Read more about the business model and the vision of content-grid. Come join the fun if you are a content writer.

What if you do not already have the skills but earnestly desire to improve your writing and wish to become a professional content developer?

We need competent people in our content writing tasks and we will not accept nor deliver anything but the best. However we also believe that competency can be gained by hard work, doggone persistence and single minded devotion. Zyxware is willing to mentor people who strongly desire to improve their skills. We will set you in on socially relevant non commercial projects and train you to reach the the desired levels of competency and once you are there we will put you in on our commercial ventures.

If you think you can match our criteria, then contact us with your resume and a sample of your previous work including your blogs - APPLY NOW