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Zyxware Technologies has a nine year history of providing Drupal development services to a range of organisations across the world. It is currently embarking on a transition from a development services company to a IT solutions company with deep expertise in the verticals or sectors it caters to. It has chosen media, e-commerce, non profits and government, healthcare and education as the sectors for its five year plan which began in 2014-15. The sectors have been chosen based on relevance of our competency in the sector and ease of access to market for us and the forecasted growth for IT investments in these sectors. Entry into each of these sectors will be sequenced over the five year period. In 2015- 16, the plan is to enter into media and e-commerce sector.

Entry into each sector entails the following:

  1. Building a brand in each of these sectors

  2. Create a knowledge eco-system in these sectors

  3. Setting up a value delivery infrastructure

To begin with, we are looking to focus on the media industry.

The specific tasks that we have here are:

  1. Consolidate our engagements in media industry from existing projects: This includes the following:

    1. Case studies of Benzinga,

    2. Inventory of the functionalities built with costs

    3. Presentation for use in media industry highlighting our competency and the value proposition (consultancy + implementation) we can offer to media

The above might require some external research also so that there is a relevance to the media industry trend and the language is appropriate.

  1. Build brand

    1. On-line brand engagement with content on the web and leveraging on social media

    2. Reach out through attendance in events, conferences, webinars and leveraging on personal connections

    3. Build relationships with selected journalism schools around knowledge partnerships

    4. Build relationships with media consultancies

    5. Build an incentive based distribution network

  2. Sales Prospecting and sales

    1. Identify potential client list through appropriate sales prospecting strategies.

    2. Set up meetings using networks, call centres etc. Prepare sales pitch.

    3. Sales activity

    4. Identify potential opportunities with existing client (Benzinga)


  3. Set up delivery infrastructure

    1. Train a Business Analyst and a Technical Architect/Technical consultant into media industry application space so that they can be part of the pre-sales team

    2. Identify technological trends in media industry aligned with a Drupal led vision

    3. Set up team either through internal hiring and training or external hire

Targets and Timelines

The following targets are to be achieved in a three month period.

  1. Sales

    1. Complete at least 50 meetings with qualified leads generated through sales prospecting.

    2. We should aim to close our first major deal (anything above USD 20,000) in 3 months time.

  2. Distribution Network

    1. We should have three agents each at least in the following geographies. USA, Europe, Middle East. The agents can be companies or individuals. In India, we will rely on our personal networks

  3. Delivery system development

    1. We should have a trained business analyst and technical consultant or technical architect with a paper that can be presented in a reputable media technology related publication or presented at a relevant conference.

  4. Building a knowledge eco-system

    1. Build relationship with one prominent Journalism school in India and one outside of India (in any of the target countries mentioned above)

    2. Generate at least 15 articles of 500 words each on media and technology over a six month period which can be published on our website and disseminated via social media channels.

    3. Set up a LinkedIn discussion group which has at least 10 active contributors and membership of 100 media professionals.

    4. Be present actively in at least 5 LinkedIn discussion groups.


      We are looking for a candidate who has been in the media and allied industry (newspapers and magazines, media software companies, media consultancies) for a good 10 years of which at least three has been on digital media. Candidates with a degree in journalism will be given preference.

      If you meet the above requirements, please mail in your resume with the subject 'Application for the post of 'Consultant - Digital Media and Entertainment' to [email protected]

      Please note that while the management appreciates your interest and application for the job, it may not be possible to send in a personalized response to all applicants. Shortlisted applicants will receive an emails or a telephonic communication within 4 weeks of your application.



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