Quality & Quality Culture: Arun Kaushik of Amazon Speaks [Announcement]

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Zyxware Technologies is conducting a lecture series as part of our ‘Utthaan’ Initiative, which started in December 2020. Utthaan is a Hindi word meaning uplift. We began this initiative to improve the quality of our service delivery. We operationalise Utthaan with the perspective that we should view quality through a systemic lens and achieve it only through effective collaboration across the system. 

On Friday, October 1st, we invited Mr Arun Kaushik of Amazon to talk on “Quality & Quality Culture”. 

Arun Kaushik, who works with Amazon on the business excellence side, is a Six Sigma certified blackbelt from Indian Statistical Institute. A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, he has a post-graduate diploma (MBA) in Rural Management from IRMA. Mr Kaushik has worked in quality and business excellence in large organisations like Amazon, Coca Cola, Infosys and ICICI Prudential. These organisations are known for their scale of operations, quality of service, and longevity.

His career stints are a story of driving quality and excellence through robust systems and disciplined execution. Currently, he is working with the Amazon regional team as part of their customer excellence systems. He drives some of the projects related to productivity, speed and capacity enhancement. He is also part of the team that looks into making the organisation more responsive to the customer. 

Some of the companies he worked with have a multi-functional depth covering manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and logistics. They are leaders in their categories and respective functions regarding the number of customers and the geographical area served. We are publishing an extract of his talk paraphrased by our copy editor Nisha Oommen in a five-part series, of which the first part will be published tomorrow. 

Disclaimer: The content presented here is NOT a verbatim representation of Mr Arun Kaushik’s talk. While trying to keep the published content as close as possible to Mr Arun Kaushik’s presentation, we disclaim and do not hold the speaker responsible for any unintended misrepresentation here.