Context-Driven Testing Methodology
BY samantha.gomez
3 years ago
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The context-driven software testing methodology suggests for continuous and creative evaluation of testing opportunities. It is a testing way that conforms to the context of the project, more than applying a best practice. For context-driven, a good tester should ask as many questions as possible to reveal not only parts of the context but should know about the act of information.

Context-driven methodology is similar to the agile process. It is implemented when the end-users have different preference and needs. Eg: Notepad is an ideal application for writing simple text.
But if other users want the tools to add graphics and different font size and colors, then this application is not for them.
So context-driven testing is based on the fact that ‘no solution is the best solution’. But in this case, the advantage lies with the end user, since the final product that is delivered is a user-friendly product, which is the main aim of Context-driven testing. This methodology works better in stable applications where conditions seldom change and also where test scenarios are not known.

Why do we need Context-driven testing?

Most of the times, programmers are not given a proper well document which explains them exactly how to do the work they are supposed to do, as well as testers also will not be provided with complete documents. So that they would not know the complete proper requirement. But, they may have a spec or a basic document like BRD or some reference documents that tells them what they need to do. But it is assumed they will figure out the best way to accomplish the task. So Context-driven testing is introduced in a situation like this.

Techniques used for Context-Driven Testing

  1. Exploratory testing
  2. Grey Box testing

Seven Principles of Context-driven testing:-

  1. The practice of workflow depends on its context.
  2. There are good practices, but no best practices in context.
  3. People working together are the most important part of the concern project context.
  4. Projects of time overriding in ways that are often not predictable.
  5. The product is a solution in a concept that if the problem is not solved, the product doesn't work.
  6. Good software testing is a challenging process.
  7. Only through judgment and skill, we are able to do the right things at the right times to effectively test our products.

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on 02nd November 2012 / by renjith
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